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Here's a quick write up I did on them a while back:


The overall sound leans to the bass side of the spectrum. Lows are boosted decently but not enough to drown out the mids or the highs. The highs are clear and distinct and not muddied in any way by the increased bass frequencies. Also, there are no sharp ear piercing trebles to be heard. The overall tone of the headphones is very soft sounding. Makes for a pleasant listening experience. I would say that both the lows and the highs do take precedence over the mids. They are quieter than the highs and lows but they are there. I would not say they are drowned out.
So in short, they are very dynamic headphones with a slight bias towards the low end. I have tried them with a variety of music so far. Sounds good with everything from guitar heavy classic rock to chillstep with reverberating bass. I've tried them with various forms of electronic music along with different kinds of rock. I haven't listening to anything yet that has made me say, "these headphones were obviously not made for this kind of music."
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Here is my impressions of the M-100 that I posted back at the beginning of July. I have now owned them for over a month and still strongly feel the same as I did when I originally posted. Still love these cans - amazing!
Hello fellow head-fiers just wanted to chime in for a moment and express how ecstatic I am to own the m-100.

I've owned my matte black pair for almost a week now and am blown away by these headphones every time I put them on, as a matter of fact when I'm not wearing them I look forward to wearing them. I feel like I'm 16 again with a new girlfriend, lol.

Seriously, I have been buying, selling, trading headphones for the past couple years and have owned used
Beyerdynamic T70P and Custom One Pro, Sennheiser HD650, 598, 558, 25-1II and Momentum, Sony mdr-1r, and aiaiai tma-1; with the mdr-1r's holding top honors, out of the fore mentioned headphones, as my favorite. That was until I tried the m-100.

All of the previous mentioned cans were great headphones and all had their strengths and weakness and all had something missing. But the v-moda crossfade m-100 is pure nirvana, imo. I cannot find a flaw with these headphones; the build quality is ridiculous and they just feel like a premium product. I have absolutely no problems with the comfort (I have an average size head and ears, btw) and my ears don't touch the drivers at all. I wore them Saturday on a 5 hour flight to San Diego and have been litening to them everyday. And finally the sound (imo) is outstanding, I'm in love with the sound of these cans and I have through just about everything at them from rock to bluegrass. I find the sound so engaging and can really feel the music, I suppose from the extra bass extension. But still having the detail and clarity I expect from headphones. And the soundstage is just perfect, I feel like I'm in a room surrounded by the music. Lastly, I just love the looks, especially with the matte black, so stealthy and awesome.

I was curious to see the matte black selling about $20 less than the white/silver and shadow on amazon. I guess because of supply, I would have just thought the matte black would have been a more popular color option. Just curious what colors do you folks own?

Anyway, I'm happy, happy, happy! And now a fan of v-moda.
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Since I'm just a consumer, here are some reviews from people with more authority than I.

Tyll Herstens
Steve Guttenberg
Dale Thorn
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How bout a comparison between Audiotechnica's M50's and the Vmoda M100's? I have the ATH M50's but have no experience with V Moda.

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Take the M50 sound, dial down the treble so it's not as harsh, layer the bass so it goes deeper and sounds fuller, and clean up the clarity across the spectrum.

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Interesting, I just spoke with a friend who owns LP 2's and describe them as having quite muddy bass and dull mids and high's?


Anyone else?

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The LP2 is a different animal than the M-100 although I think it sounds alright. After reading tons of reviews about them I was expecting bass monsters, but they were actually a lot more detailed than I expected. I think you'd be surprised if you ever listen to them.

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Originally Posted by M50user53 View Post

Interesting, I just spoke with a friend who owns LP 2's and describe them as having quite muddy bass and dull mids and high's?


Anyone else?


I thought the M-100 had (somewhat) muddy bass and deff dull highs, it's just not a very crisp sound. I'm not surprised your friend thought a lesser V-Moda also agreed.

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I have listened to them briefly, though not enough to comment on the sound signature at all. I started with Beats studio's, hated them for all the reason that they should be rightfully hated by, inherited a (free?) pair of bose QC 15's which had such impressive sound cancellation that when I was sitting in a quiet room they induced the most obnoxious headaches. I was not satisefied by their sound either, so I finally bit the bullet and dropped another 160 for my current Audiotechnica M50's, and I am absolutely loving them. The only issue with them were the ear pads, but the sound is really incredible :)

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