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Headphones for sports

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Hi guys!


I haven't found what I was looking for after a search, so I'm starting a new thread (sorry! ;-)).


I began doing some fitness lately and of course listening to music and podcasts while doing so.


My Aiaiaia TMA-1 are too big for doing sports. You sweat like hell with them. So now I use my old 2003 iPod Headphones with my NEXUS 4 for sports. The problem with those is that they doesn't stay where I want them to as I begin sweating, so I need some in ear headphones. Special sports-headphones are a no go for me, cause I where glasses already and hate having a second pair of earpieces behind my ears.


That is why I was looking into some cheap headphones with good build a sound like the Apple Earbuds, which are absolutely sufficient for me while working out!


I found these:


What do you think? Any other suggestions?





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Over the ear IEMs may be better for you. I find that they stay in more and are less microphonic.

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What the hell is an over the ear in ear Headphone?????

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Originally Posted by MoWe View Post

What the hell is an over the ear in ear Headphone?????

Where the cable is looped over the ear. 

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Originally Posted by MoWe View Post

What the hell is an over the ear in ear Headphone?????

Earphones where you wear the cables up and over your ears instead of them hanging down. Several good ones that come to mind would be westone, Shure and maybe Vsonic. I'm not sure how most of them handle sweat though.
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If you only want Apple earbud quality sound, forget about spending so much money on Westone, Shure, etc. The MEElectronics M6 is only like $20, is worn over the ear, and was designed for sports use. And it sounds better than the Apple :) Click the link in my signature for my review.
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The Addidas/Sennheiser sport line works well.  Above average sound, sweat resistant earbuds.

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Another reason why you don't want higher end headphones for working out is that you'll probably end up breaking them. They get dropped, caught in equipment, etc. At their price the M6 is pretty much disposable.
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I have the Jaybird Bud X for working out. Bluetooth so its not hooked up to your phone. It has good battery life and range and also guaranteed to be sweat proof for life. Only problem is that it cost a bit more than the $20 mark. It is $150 new.

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+1 on Meelectronics.


I've been on my first M6 for a year and a half---i go to the gym 6 days a week solid for that entire time. I'd look to the S6 once (if) these badboys ever get worn out, or just to add some red flavor lol.


I've used Sony PIIQ (the left ear blown out 30 minutes into my crossfit) which were replaced by Sony Active AS100W. They sound great but i find after 30 minutes, the headband starts to hurt.


Tried the Adidas Sennheiser MX680--garbage..if you go this route go with the IEM version (OMX series i believe), not these crappy earbud models.


Klipsch S4 were great for a while (you'd have to loop the thin cable around your ear if you do a lot of running or up and down movements) unfortunately after enough workouts, my volume down button became defective due to sweat getting into the iPhone control/mic. I still use these on my table or laptop now--they are still awesome. If you go with S4, go with the new rugged model (or get one without the android/iphone control)


Tried Puma El Diego, waterproof and tangle free..problem is the cable bounces of your chest you can hear it so loud. And if you sweat enough, they start to pop out of your ear, and the cable is too thick to wrap around your ear unlike the cable on Klipsch S4.


My wife using Polk Ultrafit 1000s for months now, she tried those Yurbuds for Women (model without the "over ear hook") got snagged in equipped and ripped the cord lol.

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I''m using the Bose SIE2i for sports.


Im sure they are overpriced for what they are, but they offer 2 year warranty, and all the headphones I have used for sport have ended up breaking. So figured I would get something with very good customer support, and in 2 years I figure they will end up being replaced once or twice. Though to be honest they are holding up really wel..

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