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I saw the headphone lounge cable. I usually buy Whiplash or DHC, but I do not want to put 300$ in a cable for a 900$ iem. However, call me shallow, but I am not a fan of the looks / finish of the headphone lounge silver cable. I find the Silver Dragon to have an (apparently) better finish, and the price difference is minimal.

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I love the look of the pure silver cable from Headphone Lounge but as we know beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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Here is another measurements for se846. Actually looks pretty good with a white filter, except, as you can expect, high treble.
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Yeah. headphone lounge cable is not the prettiest.. i am actually a little surprise by its cable being not completely straight when place on a flat surface... maybe braid is more tighten at some area I dunno.. but I do know one thing, it sound damn good..
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I gave a new try to all filter with the ZX1, to my surprise the (so far) very disappointing neutral filter is probably an even better fit than the bright. Fuller sound, just a little more balanced and less transparent. Although I love the crazy shivery transparency and details of the bright filter, the ZX1 renders details so well it's the first time the bright filter is fatiguing for me after 2 hours or so (at moderate listening level). I never liked the neutral filter with Touch 5G and FiiO E18, but the extra details, soundstage and dynamic range from the ZX1 is changing the game for me. I need to do so more listening of different genres, but first 2h are really interesting. 


It's all about source and filters with the SE846, I like the flexibility of the system really!

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I also tried the bright filter for a while after reading posts here and I really enjoy the nice lift in the treble but I just switched back and I believe that's the one for me and that at the end Shure is probably right to call it  the neutral filter. But I can see why many would prefer the bright one.

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Before I had the ZX1 frankly the neutral filter was a total fail, I liked the warm for its laid back character and more emphasis on mediums, and used the bright the most for its transparency and shivery (but never hot) treble. I am rather a warmer sound kind of guy so that suprised me. Neutral was kind of a let down for me. I tried it several times but never liked it. I did a lot of source/filter trials. Bright came out on top, with the warm used for late listening sessions for its soothing character. With the ZX1, the warm filter is curiously not as pleasing, the bright is exciting but tiring and the neutral seem to strike the balance I expected from its name. Maybe burn-in is also a factor with 400+ hours now on my SE846.


I guess with different sound sig from sources, filters will have a different expression so to speak. It's a combo, you have to try the filter with your source, I gave neutral a chance with ZX1 even though I had bad experience with it from day one and I don't regret it. 

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Objectively the bright one is the neutral filter and the others are warm and dark.


Note the GoldenEars measurements are on a recent batch, ie no phase issue and as such less suck out through that range.  Highlights that the bass is a whee high BUT there are no iems that are closer to the target curve... period.  Add that it's easier to eq out a single shelf than many spikes and the 846 is a very easy iem to get what you want out of.


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Did anyone write a comparison between the Sony MDR-EX1000 and the Shure SE846? could not find it yet.

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Has anyone found anything close to the 846 period. I just can imagine, hands down best in ear experience one can have. IMO.
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Pretty safe to assume others can prefer the JH13fp or UM Miracle.

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thanks and there you go.

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feel good:etysmile:

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I have SE535 and was wondering if you all are using Objective DAC/O2 Amp combo at unity gain setting with SE846.  There is no source quite like it, it is transparent.  What is crazy is that I've compared with other DACs, and I can hear O2 outputting better sound sourced from Objective DAC.  Didn't know you can actually hear a difference with DACs.  Do you guys know of a portable DAC/Amp that can be up to that level of transparency?  

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