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Everything you ever wanted to know about thermionic valves. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vacuum_tube

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Good link! beerchug.gif
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Thanks! I never knew how the getter was barium and through heating deposited the silver colored flashing on the glass. It 's to absorb gases in the tube. I know how they work theoretically, but I just can't get my mind around how they produce such awesome music.

Amazing 100 yr old technology!
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By any chance do you know if there is a way to determine what Russian factory made certain tubes that were exported? I bought a Zaerix 7dj8 in Chile last year at a flea market for about 2 dollars. It was 1000 pesos, sealed in a box. It sounds pretty good, but kind of muddy when compared to a 1979 6n23p Rocket. It must be from the 70's from the packaging. There are no markings on the glass. I don't notcie any markings on the bottom.

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By any chance do you know if there is a way to determine what Russian factory made certain tubes that were exported? I bought a Zaerix 7dj8 in Chile last year at a flea market for about 2 dollars. It was 1000 pesos, sealed in a box. It sounds pretty good, but kind of muddy when compared to a 1979 6n23p Rocket. It must be from the 70's from the packaging. There are no markings on the glass. I don't notcie any markings on the bottom.
That I don't know about. I have seen 6n23ps washed and reprinted with Mullard and other Euro tube labels as counterfeits. The inverter flying saucer getter is a dead give away.
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There is also the Russian 6n1p which is 6922 compatible. I never much liked the sound, but in some amps they have been reported to sound good.
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Yes, I have 6n1p 75/gray!  I thought THE ONE! but it was 6n23p....  :tongue_smile:

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Have been listening to the Voskhods for the past week, seems like the microphonics has gone away.
Going through the same songs to and fro my iems vs these tubes, the soundstage really makes the Voskhods more enjoyable that I wish my Lyr was portable.
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I did a mini sound off of my 6n23p collection. The Holy Grail Reflektor 6n23p '75 SWGP Silvers, the Voskhod '74 SWGP Silvers, the '74 Voskhod SWGP grays, the '71 Voskhod SWGP grays, '77 Voskhod Plate Post Grays.

Before I do any critcal evaluation, I like the Lyr toastie warm. In my long experience MOSFET outputs sound best fully warmed up. I can tell the difference between a 1 hour warm up and a 4 hour warmup. In fact, on my MOSFET power amps, they sound best with 2 days warm up! I keep them on 24/7.

I listened to two songs from one album (preferably back to back), and switch tubes right after each 2 track session, so it's fresh in my mind. 10 min warmup for each tube swap.

Last night it was Florence and The Machine - Dog Days Are Over and Rabbit Heart. I like these tracks as they are very complex, with equal high frequencies and low end bass, layers and layers of complex vocals dubs, often 3 or more at one time. They betray congestion right away.

Lastly, I clear my ears. That means, like when on an airplane, I hold my nose, and gently blow, to equalize the pressure in the outer and inner eardrum. Pressure differences can cause a muffled sound.

Well, to cut to the chase all the tubes were just a joy to listen to. The '75 SWGP Silvers 'Holy Grails' were the best. What did they do different? They could discern the most subtile vocal overlays, no matter how complex. Now on these tracks that's a trip, as at times there are 4 vocal harmonies going on at once. Wow! The HD800s are very transparent, so it's all presented in 3D fashion, the vocals layered at different depths in the sound field! The bass was deep and well defined, with excellent timbre. Tonally perfect mid-range, Welch's voice natural, no hint of etch. I like these tracks, as her voice can be pitchy on some tubes. Not on the 'Holy Grails', always pefectly musical.

The flow factor is just incredible, you just don't want to stop listening. The tracks fly by! Your attention is magnetically drawn to the music. There is also this delicious full bodied resonance, completely addicting. It's so right in every way. The sound staging holographic, wide and deep, but interesting there is greater depth to the center. I really like that, it seems more realistic, the center stage deeper. It's were the lead singer usually is, so nice to have that spot light there. The far sides filled with bells, or little sound effects...and reflected overtones from the center...very natural not contrived...

I'll continue on the other tubes tomorrow...to be continued...
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This was the rotation: '75 Holy Grails, '74 Grays, '74 Silver, '71 Gray, '77 Gray, finally back to the '75 Holy Grails.

The '74 Voskhod SWGP Silver were my next favorites. Without hearing the H.G.s, I could be supremely happy to listen to these the rest of my life. They do virtually eveything the '75 Reflektors do, but a bit less clarity or transparency in the multi layered vocals, just ever so slightly flater. I mean the vocals are all there and easy to follow and very enjoyable. Nice holographic 3D sound stage, very musical. Welch's voice never etchy or pitchy, silky smooth. Deep extension in the bass, well defined, nice timbre in the mid- bass

Excellent high end extension, never harsh, very enjoyable. Lots of details, the little side and background. The openning on 'Dog Days' has this dulcimer strumming, that kinda pans left then right with each strum. Wow! Really fun. Then her voice comes in with lots of echo, it just reverberates deep into the 3D sound field, just draws you in. Next enters some clapping - very natural sounding. As the track progresses her voice becomes more forceful - the '74 Silver keeps right up, silky smooth on voice. The track starts to get very complex, everything in tidy order, easily differentiated.

Like I said world class sound. Nothing to be criticized. Flow is excellent as well, keeping your attention without effort.

Next up the '74 Voskhod Gray.
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3rd favorite of all 6n23ps (and a tie with the '75 Voskhod Gray Plate Post) - The Voskhod '74 SWGP Gray Shield.

For a moment, I was beginning to think I may have underestimated these bad boys. Very, very smooth. Awesome on Welch's voice - silky smooth. I could also listen to these the rest of my life and not be unhappy at all. The difference was the degree of seperation in the multiple vocals layers - the very deepest level of detail missing. Now Audio is funny because it's additive and subtractive. By that I mean, you know when you hear something that sounds better. But don't know what you're missing UNTIL you hear it! That's why I start and finish my reviewing with my best tubes. It's when you can say, 'yeah this sounds great - but it's missing that holographic little bell, or on the 3rd quieter vocal layer I can't make out the words as easily, etc...'

That said, these do everything right. Wonderful natural full bodied tone. Deep tight bass, great highend extension. Nothing to criticize. Just missing that last degree of magical 3Dness, the very deepest detail. Not quite the absolutely mesmerizing, entrancing quality, of the '75 H Gs.

I'm really glad to have these in my collection, and for some folks with brighter systems, they might like these more. They seem to tame the high end very well.

Next up the '71 Voskhod Gray.
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Voskhod '71 SWGP Gray shields.

These are my 4th favorite here. Again a great tube to listen to. Without hearing the 3 others I could be satisfied with these. For the money (under $100) these are a bargain.
They are a bit darker then the tubes above, but again in a brighter system they could be a great match. They have the characteristic Voskhod/Reflektor Single Wire Getter Post sound - silky smooth. Very musical, incredible 3d soundstage. Tight solid bass, and good treble extension. Nothing to complain about, other then a trace of darkness, and lacking some of the deepest detail and flow.

Next '77 Voskhod Gray Plate Post...
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Voskhod '77 Gray Shield Plate Getter Post.

5th in my review here. But some bass heads might like it best. The greatest amount of bass of the 5, not quite as tuneful or natural of bass as the others. I believe this is characteristic of the Voskhod Plate Post tubes vs the Single Wire Getter Posts. I actually prefer the more natural SWGP bass, especially in the '75 and '74s. It is almost as deep (maybe on the '75 just as deep) but has better timbre. And this is especially important in the mid-bass, the foundation of most modern music. So the synth bass drops won't rattle the cups as much, but when a great bass player is going to town, the tightness, and tonality is just perfect. Lots of fun on organ, snare drums as well.

These have just a hint of etch on Welch's vocals, and get a bit congested on the complex passages. But still without comparison to the silky smooth tubes above, not really noticed. A great low cost tube. Again on a brighter system they could balance out the sound.

So the final ranking:
#1 '75 Reflektor SWGP Silver Shield Holy Grails
#2 '74 Voskhod SWGP Silver Shield
#3 '74 Voskhod SWGP Gray Shield
#4 '71 Voskhod SWGP Gray Shield
#5 '77 Voskhod Plate Getter Post Gray Shield

Here is my system: Media server PC > Windows 7> JPlay>Foobar 2000 1.3v (Kernel Streaming mode)>Sox upsampler (176k)>Synergistic Research USB> Musiland USB 3.0 USD>Green Hornet SPDIF RCA>Xindak DAC 5 (Reflektor '75 SWGP)>Lyr>HD800/Moon Black Dragon V2
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Thank you Bob for great review. I can't wait to hear my tube!

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Thanks! I'll be starting a new work project tomorrow, that'll keep me busy 10-12 hours a day for many weeks. So I wanted to get that up before I have to end my audio blogging for a while. I'm sure some folk are tired of the Russian tube thing by now anyway.

We've made good progess in really fleshing out the nuances here. I've heard from several folks who don't even own a Lyr, but have followed this thread on the 6n23ps.

Thanks to everyone for their patience, and sharing my enthusiasm for these very special audio devices!

Cheers! :-)
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