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Beyer dt1350 vs sennheiser amperior

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hello, i currently own a pair of sennheiser hd25-1 ii's,  i am wondering if an upgrade to a 1350 or an amperior is worth it, and if so which one is better.  thanks!

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I think this type of upgrade is small at best.  The HD-25-1-ii is already a great on-ear and although the beyer dt1350 is a slight upgrade if you are lucky enough to find one sans the small dip in the midrange.  The amperior is not an upgrade in my opinion, but it depends on how much you really like Sennheiser headphones.  To me the HD-25-1-ii is better than the amperior in that it sounds much more neutral and lacks the midrange peak that I hear in the amperior.

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hmm..interesting.  The only reason i am somewhat unsatisfied with the hd25's is because i really feel like it lacks soundstage, i have a pair of bose oe2s and while i know many people hate on bose for many different reasons i feel that even though the hd25 is a better overall performer, the oe2 gives me a less confined and almost muffled sound and the muffled sound of the hd25s becomes tiring to me, and i would like a on ear around $200 that has better soundstage....just a less cluttered and more airy and natural sound if that makes sense, while still providing a decent low end.  and definitely not open back as they are  my mobile headphones...

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Would an open headphone be  an option for you?  Soundstage cues can be from many different aspects of sound and a tad tricky with headphones as our ears are not really triangulating.  This is why you see crossfade circuits in many amps these days.  It helps blend the signals from right to left and vice versa.  An open headphone reduces reflections from inside the earcup making it easier to expand the soundstage.

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no as i stated earlier i am looking for a portable headphone so open back is not an option

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I've got or had all 3 and for me the Amperior is the best for general use and out of a portable device. Although, as others have said, you can't really get much extra soundstage from a closed portable, the slightly warmer signature of the Amperior is better in noisy environments. Whether I'd say they are worth replacing your HD25s for is moot in my view. I don't think the difference is significant.

If you are wanting to try the 1350s I do recommend you audition them as they can be difficult to get a good seal and that is problematic in portable use.

I'm a hanging out for the new Momentum On-Ear. The larger pads were in no mans land for me. Too small to cover my ears correctly and too large to be real portables. I liked their sound very much but were uncomfortable because the seam just inside the pad pressed on my ears. I'm hopeful the smaller on ears will be just right for me.

One last comment, I also have a pair of B&W P5s which I wear a lot. I preferred them to the HD25s because of comfort and looks and while not audiophile sound they still sound really nice. Even Tyll seems to rate them well enough to be on his wall of fame. I concur and suggest you audition them before laying out your hard earned.
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