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2013 LA Regional Meet Impressions Thread  

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We had a fantastic event today with about 125 attendees and about 50 members of the trade. I want to thank Warren, itshot, weirdfishes. shioriskine, hifiguy528, dichtert, morserotin, Mercer, Tyll, and Jude for their support and help throughout the day. Please post pics and impressions here. (will add my own soon)

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Thanks everybody. I had a great time. The EU Capitol records edition blew me away.

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Pretty sweet...finally got to confirm for myself that I dont need UERMs or LCD-3s to survive, which is good because I sure as hell can't afford them :-P Some day...

Also dead-set on the HD600s now, I got to hear them as well as the HD650 and I preferred the former. Just gotta get these 598s sold now...
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Originally Posted by Gilly87 View Post

Pretty sweet...finally got to confirm for myself that I dont need UERMs or LCD-3s to survive, which is good because I sure as hell can't afford them :-P Some day...

Also dead-set on the HD600s now, I got to hear them as well as the HD650 and I preferred the former. Just gotta get these 598s sold now...

had a TERRIFIC day hangin w/ all of you.

Great tunes, great friends, and great sound!


Happy to bring the Studio Six!


bout to have dinner w/ the boys....

more reports to follow

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Had a blast, wish I could've stayed longer.

Heard the PS1000s at the Affordable Audio table, holy camole. Makes me glad I don't have that kind of money, else I might just spend it o.o
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Awesome job everyone!! This was my first head-fi meet and I had a blast! To anyone out there that is hesitant to get out from behind your keyboard and meet some of your fellow head-fier's - I can unequivocally say: DO IT!!! You *will* have fun, you *will* meet incredibly friendly people and you *will* get to listen to gear you may only dream about!!
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Had had a great time chatting with old friends and new ones.  Got to hear the esw11(thanks Hiyono) which i was interested in and discuss different presentations.  Thanks Third eye and the organizers, really a wonderful meet.


I would also like to thank two vendors who were helpful.  JMoon over at AK bent over backwards to accomadate my OCDtongue.gif and updated my AK120 after adding some of my music to the display model so i could a/b the different firmwares.  So nice to have someone in the community that is a vendor and is so responsive at meets and on the forum.  Also the UE table the vendor was beyond helpful and even went out of his way for a personal concern i had without any sale prospect.  Again, great having vendors like these in our community!biggrin.gif


Nice seeing Jude and Craig from Eddie Current too.  And Jude, thanks for listening.....wink.gif


Look forward to the next meet.

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Yea... thank you to all the folks who put this together. This was my first meet, and it was really great having a chance to try out everything.


I'm still a noob at this headphone stuff, so I didn't even try discerning all the differences between the headphone amps, but wow... the HD-800 was amazing. There were definitely other headphones that were more detailed (like the LCD-3's, I think), but the sound-stage was just... I don't even have the words.


So, yes, I'm definitely glad I got a chance to try those out. I WILL eventually spill my cash on those, all thanks to the headphone meet, LOL.


Thanks again to everyone who put this together, everyone who volunteered bringing their rigs, and all the vendors (the guys at both Astell & Kern and Schiit were cool; I unfortunately didn't spend much time at the other vendors).

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Had a great time, glad to put some faces next to names. :D


Every time I hear the mad dogs they just seem to sound better and I want them even more. After getting to hear the sennheiser px200 I regret not getting a pair sooner. The ue table was just so neat, finally getting to hear ciem was pretty cool. The denon table and hearing how much of a difference the wood cups and the plastic cups made, makes me want some cans with wood cups. The audeze table and the 50% off the lcd2 rumor :p. Astell and kern table still awesome with all their momentums, quite liked them and the ak120. Had a nice talk with Dan about the mad dogs and he-400s, very interested in a pair of mad dogs.


Was nice to demo so many higher end amps, dacs, cans and trying out stax for the first time. Think I'm in love with electrostats. The bottlehead crack is tons of fun and I snagged myself a nice headfi glass :)


Didn't take too many pictures myself but saw couple others taking pics on their quite nice cameras, can't wait to see.

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Had such a good time. Thanks to all those that made the meet possible. All your hard work really showed. 

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Way random
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Had an amazing time for my first meet and got to listen to some cans/setups that I could only dream of trying out. Thanks to all those who brought their gear and let us try them out, it was like being a kid in a candy store! Also thanks to dsound for making those nice Head-fi cups, going to enjoy my drinks even more while I use listen to music.

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Had a great time at the meet today, wish I knew more about headphones to really be able to tell the difference between sounds and the sort. I think my favorite were the Denon D7000 (Or was it D5000?) Now I'm going to have to read up on the sound science and everything more just so that I'd be able to understand what some of you guys were talking about... Also kind of surprised to see the amount of HD-800 and Audeze LCDs around int he meet, not that it's bad or anything haha. One day I might put the cash in for a pair of those, one day. Anyways, thanks to all the people who brought their gears and it was a real great experience. Hope to do it again!

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Hey everybody, I had a fantastic time!  It was really great to meet you all in person.  You made my first meet very memorable!


Cheers and all the best!beerchug.gif

-HK sends

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