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Need USB cable. Does USB cable make a differences  

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i need to buy a usb cable from pc to dac


any suggestion to which make or brand to get.


and i need to know if usb cable makes a difference in sound?

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I've used a Kimber USB for many years. It's a quality cable. Can you tell the difference in SQ? Well, you'd better have a VERY high end system if you're going to hear the difference, IME.

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Some people will say yes while it hers will say no. I believe in cables for analog, but currently have not completely bought into the digital and even the power cable section yet.
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I have Audioquest Forest USB 2.0 A/B cable (0.75m). It's cheap ($35 on Amazon). Can't really say if I can spot any difference to stock cable. But it's nice to have one anyway.

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Yes... in your pocket...

Get a well built cable... thats all you need...
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Originally Posted by Johnnyhi View Post

Yes... in your pocket...

Get a well built cable... thats all you need...

my pocket is pretty empty now...=)


well i have some left over 22awg silver plated wires and expandable sleeves  i could make a usb cable from. i only need a meter usb cable.

i just need to buy the usb A & B connectors.

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I just use a simple monoprice usb cable my self, nothing costly or fancy.

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Believe it or not I noticed a substantial difference coming from a generic USB cable to an AudiouQuest Carbon. Better soundstage, better seperation ...all from a Burson HA-160D.


I to was surprised at the difference a quality cable makes.  Take a look at the Kimber Kable or the Audioquest Cinammon for an even better value.

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Can someone please explain to me how a USB cable can alter the sound when it is carrying information INTO the digital/analogue converter?


This is a can of worms that should be in the sound science thread is you want to debate it, IMO its 100% placebo.

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A USB cable is not going to affect the sound as long as it is not damaged or it lets in interferences. Get anything for as little money as it reasonably makes sense. Just make sure it is shielded, should have "bulges" like on this photo:

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Simply put he is making his own shielded cable, no evidence of improvement only personal opinion.  You can make your own or buy one, simply put my time is valuable and I can buy a average quality USB cable for under $20 which is about an hour of my time saved and perfectly good for data or audio.  The simple truth is there is zero difference in the audio quality, its placebo.  The ONLY way to alter the sound is in the transition from data to analogue, the DAC.  


This is my opinion, I am happy with my tests and have saved myself a small fortune, hopefully others will think carefully before spending lots of money on something they are unlikely to need.

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Yeah when the cable doesn't adhere to the USB 2.0 spec it could cause audio drop-outs or other plainly audible glitches. One really simplified check is to look at the connector: does it look like a standard USB connector with the USB logo on it (= good), or does it only have a manufacturer logo or cheap shrink tubing etc. (= bad)?


You can get perfectly fine cables, even gold-plated, for easily less than $10. So there's better ways to waste your money.

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you think he hallucinates,and this is not a cable shielded,you have good looks tablix?and this is not a gold-plated makes the difference

'From my experience a silver USB design offers:
A very detailed and expansive soundstage, FYI you will hear everything in the mix - the result is quite noticeable and not a fit for every system.
A detail improvement across the spectrum Vs DIY Copper designs/Wireworld USB, but not as balanced as the copper version.
Noticeably more forward than my previous cooper designs, or Wireworld
You will here everything in the mix, maybe not as musical as a copper variant
Easily beats of the shelf cables costing many $100's of dollars
If you want more detail go for this design!
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Even a $2 cable will beat this unshielded botch. There's a reason for the "tight" cable specifications in the USB standard.


Also, there is not a shred of evidence that expensive USB cables cause better sound quality.

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