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PeachBudz Introduction

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Hello Head-Fi Community:


We are really happy to become a sponsor of this awesome community of those who love music, sound and being in motion.


We have actually been a sponsor for a few months now, but have restrained ourselves from jumping into the fray too soon due to my perfectionism.  But, as is often said, nothing is ever perfect.


So, without dallying around too much longer, PeahBudz is a full line headphone store launched as a proof of concept in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa in November of 2011 after being conceived on a back of a napkin on October 1, 2011.  We started with about 100 earphones and headphones in powered listening stations which has grown to almost 500 in either powered or passive listening stations.


We have spent the past 18 months refining the concept and evolving as well as launching an e-tail division which was necessary to acquire investor interest.


You can learn more about the store at PeachBudz.com

(We do not necessarily keep this up to date with all of our new products, but it is an introduction to the store)


Our e-tail site is at Shop.PeachBudz.com


Our focus is on customer service and solutions to mobile, professional and audiophile headphone questions/problems. And, I think you will find our mix of product offerings to be a bit eclectic, reflecting the customer base in our store.


We also intend to begin specializing on hard to find product lines that do not yet have blanket distribution.  Though getting better distribution lately, we will be adding Hi-Fi Man products in the next two weeks.


As part of our coming public as a Head-fi sponsor, we do have some specials which you can find on the “Sale” link at our e-tail site http://shop.peachbudz.com/sale-headphones-earphones.html


We also have the following open box items:


Klipsch X-7i in Black

Price: $129.99

(Please contact me via PM as we cannot put Klipsch items on our e-tail site as of yet)


Ultrasone HFI-450

Price:  $49.99

(again, please contact me PM as it is not yet on the site)


In addition, as we sell out some of the sale items, I will be adding the demos

to this post during the week.


I am sure that many of you will have some questions, and I will be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.


Finally, we often release specials on our Twitter Feed and Facebook Fan Page:  @PeachBudz and facebook.com/PeachBudz respectively.


For now, we hope everyone is enjoying their summer and we are happy to be part of the community.



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I'm Bryan, I have worked at PeachBudz for over a year and am a 3 year member of the Head-Fi community.  If you have any questions regarding the headphones we carry at the shop, or any questions in general about the store feel free to contact me as well as Mark.

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I love your store!

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