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Have you tried Razer Surround?

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It is free and claims it will turn your 2.0 headphones into 7.1. I haven't tried it because it requires registration to some cloud account and I don't do that. Saw it posted on another forum and thought some here might be interested in it.



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I already have DH here so I'm not getting it, but I wonder how it does against DH and CMSS-3D. Probably not very well, since 99% of razer marketing is snake oil, but I'm atleast curious.

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If you do check it out post back here and tell us your opinion of it. I tried their sample posted at the bottom of the page but once it started playing it wouldn't let me switch between modes. 

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I have been using for a couple of days now in a lot of my games, so far I really enjoy it. Since it works alot better then the recon3D's setting.  Since it worked that good I removed the Recon3D and threw it in the closet.  Since then I been using it when ever I play games and when ever I watch tv or movies on comcasts Internet streaming service. It works with external dac amps too, since that what i been using as I originally had the Recon3D in connected to it thru optical to my NFB15.32. The only thing that I don't like about it is if you don't disable it when you go to listen to just the usb dac it self. It wont let go of the audio device stoping you from playing sound thru the usb dac amp or device. It be notice if they put a option to right click the icon so you can turn it off when your not going to use it. But at-least it stays off when you come back from a reboot or turning your comp back on. But yea it does not mess up the sound in games like the recon3D setting did. Which why I think its doing it using Dolby headphone mode 1 which is reference.


I will never use it for music listening but just for gaming and comcast internet streaming service, But when I watching blu rays on my comp, i will just use my External dac amp, since it supports full blu ray audio playback without being down-mixed. I glad they created this  as i will find it very useful as well free for the time being. Sure most would scuff at it, but it saves me from using a sound card just for the feature for gaming.

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Coming from razer, i have my doubts. I'll give it a shot later

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You can't turn it off/on on the fly? That sucks. I might try it sometime but why does it require a cloud service? 

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