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Upcoming Beyerdynamic Headphones - Custom One Tesla, Custom One Studio, T51p and amp A20

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Hello guys,




Since I didnt find any information here about this announcement from Beyerdynamic in Japan (11th may 2013), I started this thread. The link has a lot of pictures so it is easy to understand, but just in case I did some translations also


-It says that the Custom one pro is a big hit. Released last august, it sold a total amount of  12,000 units, with 8,300 only in 2013. So to give more momentum to the headphone they are going release soon the white version as well, with same driver and price. 


-They also announced the headset cable, which has a mic attached, and expect to sell for less then 10,000 JPY


-The new Custom One Pro Japan Special edition is expected to be released in September this year.Apparently only cosmetic changes, with a design focused on the Japanese market




- They also gonna release the CUSTOM ONE TESLA, which will come with the new tesla driver generation, announced for the first time in this event. The driver is 30% lighter, while maintaining the same output quality. Also the Custom one tesla will adopt a crowd sourcing format, to start in this year`s fall. If it receives good public acceptance, it will be released in 2014 spring (Personal note: well, I guess here in head fi acceptance wont be a problem)


custom-tesla_thumb.jpg     tesla-driver_thumb.jpg



-They also announced the CUSTOM ONE STUDIO, a COP with studio use in mind. It has an impedance of 250Ω, head pads with buttons instead of velcro, (apparently the ear pad is also different), a curl cable of 3 meters and a plate with a different design. To be released in the end of 2013 



studio-soutyaku_thumb.jpg     studio-earpad_thumb.jpg


-The T50p successor, the T51p was also announced. New drivers and new pads, to improve long listening sessions comfort. Also a version with an in-cable remote control will be added. Housing is very similar, with some little differences.



t51p-hikaku_thumb.jpg    t51p-earpad-hikaku_thumb.jpg



- The new headphone amp A20 will be released this fall. The price will be similar to the T70 and T90 (in Japan around 40.000-50.000 JPY). It can power headphones of 600Ω such as the house flagship T1. There are two jacks of 6.35mm



a20_thumb.jpg  a20-haimen_thumb.jpg

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Awesome info thanks for sharing!!! I hope the t51p will be better than its predecessor.
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I always liked the sound of the T50p, although the lack of mids and strong but not so defined bass the definition and treble was nice, kinda unique combination, fast u shaped headphone. But I always had problem with the pads, since I use glasses, after a while my ear was in pain, hope they fixed it with these new pads! ah and hope they worked the mids and bass as well

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Custom one tesla sounds pretty sweet and if its smaller then the orginal custom one pro I might have to get it when it comes out

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Looks promising. Subscribed ;)

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I like the DT1350 very much. I will probably give the T51p a chance.

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The COP Tesla and Studio are so tempting 0_0 can't wait to see the reviews roll in! I may be making a trip back to Beyer land.

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Those COP Studios look quite nice, also velour instead of pleather?

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Hmm, one could also just purchase the tesla drivers separately and drop them into the COP. Not exactly a cheap option though, as those drivers are about $200 a pop. 

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looks like ill be picking up a pair of those custom one teslas whenever they come out tongue_smile.gif

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Anything official on the DT1350s?

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Not gonna lie, the COP Japan special edition look sexy. 

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Wew.. Those T51P look so gorgeous.

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Custom One Studio girl is Hotness!


Good work Beyerdynamic. You finally did something right.


Now go work on headphones with detachable cables and report back. (Bring that girl again)

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