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Hi, I am a very happy owner of some monster Beas by Dre Studio headphones .. But I want get some good earbuds so I don't always have to have the studios on my head or neck..
I mostly listen to rap/hip-hop .
I have done some shopping and have come up with a couple of options ..
1- Klipsch S4i II
2- monster ncredible nergy
3- monster turbines
But I was not sure if the warranty would be available with amazon.. Or how long is was for.. Or if I could buy an extended warranty thrue monster ..

If you could please give me you're opinion on wich ones I should get ..
Or if you have any other suggestions here are my criterias: -under 130$ -great SQ. -at least 1 year warranty -they need to have iPhone controltalk .

Thanks a million for you're help!!
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Also , I would like them to be durable and have a good design.
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I noticed you mentioned "durable". Then it is not a good idea to choose monster earbuds since some of them experienced quality issues, especially for turbine series. If you budget allows, I would recommend you the JVC HA-FXZ100. Although it costs you around $150, its sound quality will definetly amaze you. Klipsch X10 is good ,also. As the top model of Klipsch and with the price of only $130, I believe X10 is a better choice compared to S4.

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