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Hey guys I'm trying to work out an entry-level setup that will allow me to switch between inputs from my Xbox 360, PC, and in future perhaps a PS4. So far the best option as far as I can see is the Maverick Tubemagic D1 which is reasonably cheap, has an amp/dac and lots of inputs. The D1 seems popular enough and is affordable at $235 shipped but some others seem to think that its not very impressive on the amp side of things. I've seen a couple of reports that the USB connection can be noisy under certain conditions also. So are there any good similar alternatives? I'm not a really serious audiophile as you might have guessed, I'm just trying to put together something that is functional and sounds pretty good for basic gaming, movies and music. I haven't bought any cans yet but I'm after reading Mad Lust Envy's gaming cans thread I'm thinking of getting either Soundmagic HP100/200s or Beyerdynamic DT990s (250 ohm) mostly because they're readily available at a sane price in my corner of the globe. But yeah, any help you guys can provide is much appreciated. Been going round in circles on this for days and it's doing my head in!