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First IEM for drumming

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Hello everybody, this is a great forum about IEMs!! 


Im new in the IEMs world, and I want to make my first Custom IEM with Radians Custom Earplugs mold, the eight options are this (according to my budget smile.gif) :


(sorry for the large list)


1-Shure E2C.


2-Shure SE210.


3-Ultimate Ears Super.fi 3 Studio.


4-TDK IE800.


5-Elite Core EU-4 Single Driver.


6-Lenntek Sonix Pro Series Balanced Professional.


7-Brainwavz R1 Dual Dynamic


8-SoundMAGIC PL50



please tell any advise you guys have for me, all I need is to know according to your experience which is the best of those for DRUMMING. THANKS o2smile.gif

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First off -  http://www.head-fi.org/t/596233/buying-portable-or-in-ear-headphones-seeking-guidance-dont-start-a-new-thread-ask-for-advice-here

Multi-IEM Review - 281 IEMs compared (VSonic GR07 BE and R02 Silver Added 05/15/13 p.688)

In case you haven't found these - other places to ask questions regarding portable gear.

Yes, the large list is rather jarring in terms of rather large sound signature discrepancies. Best for drumming - that piece of criteria is rather vague as well. Any particular sound characteristics that you would use to characterize when something is presenting drumming to your preference? Is it accuracy? Detail? Texturing levels that strike a good balance? 
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