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Quattro de mayo Seattle meet impressions - Page 5  

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Looking forward to it Doc.  Been looking at pics on Head-Fi of all the builds.  Also the reviews I have read about this amp, puts it right up my alley.

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Did anyone have any impressions of the Bottlehead Mainline (headphone amp) prototype they wouldn't mind sharing? 
Um, had a chance to listen to it at Bottlehead last week. I am very familiar with all of Bottlehead's headphone amps. Listen to them many times at meets and at Bottleheadquarters. The new amp is the most refined Bottlehead amp to date. It has power but it sooooo easy to listen to. Was listening to it with Hd800's through a mac mini with amarra and Bottlehead dac proto. I was amazed with the sound. Very musical. These guys did their homework.
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