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Seeking advice from this wonderful community.

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Hi All,


Please bear with me, I'm no expert on this subject, I just enjoy music and have a limited budget and want some help from you friendly people who know these things.


I've got a few issues surrounding listening to music out and about, mainly walking to and from the train station and whilst commuting on the train.


All my music these days comes through Spotify at 320Kb/s, I am using an iPhone 5 with Spotify Premium and a pair of Bose OE2i's.

Please don't slate me for these, they were given to me in a very used state and I thought it stupid to not use them!

I used to have Android phones as my Portable Media Player, I fear getting an iPhone has been a big big mistake. IOS has hardly any control of Global EQ settings (there is no banded EQ, just fairly minimal presets) and the sound output from the phone doesn't seem overly crisp when compared to other media players or even my previous Android handsets.


Rather than natter on for 5 paragraphs it's probably easier if I list my issues with what I've got at the moment and ask for advice accordingly:

  • Music leaks from Bose OE2i's when volume turned up and can be heard by all around when commuting.
  • Can't seem to get any level of bass from iPhone 5 with OE2i's unless volume is turned up high, even then not great.
  • iPhone 5 has no customisable global EQ, EQ apps only support audio files, not apps like Spotify.
  • Would prefer slightly larger cups, travel size OEMs just seem gimicky (maybe that's just me, I've got big ears)


I've looked at a couple of solutions:

  • Buy a Fiio pre-amp to control the bass levels externally
  • Buy a new set of cans, been suggested a few different sets but ultimately am open to new suggestions, would love some feed back (what are Sony XB500s like?)
  • Get rid of the iPhone 5 and try and pay contract off early and take out a new contract on Android handset.


Ultimately I think I need a new pair of cans to get better bass response but either way I don't think I will achieve that on an iPhone with Spotify without having an amp aswell :(



Any advice welcomed, sorry for the wall of text..


TL:DR = Want better bass response, have Bose OE2i's and iPhone 5 w/Spotify.

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Just found this in a review on this site for the OE2i's:





Equalisation notes


For all of the head-fiers out there who use a combo of their iPhone/Smartphone/MP3 player or something, with an EQ, these are very very resistant to any device-centric equalisation to the point that I can push the lower bands up on my phone, and they'll sound pretty much the same, but then refuse to do bass. So I'd really say that if you don't like the sound of these, there's hardly anything you can do


So maybe after all that a new pair of cans, like the XB500's might do the trick without much additional EQ...?

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Bump? frown.gif
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It'd help if you said what your budget was, and what sort of music you listen to. But you should look at this thread first: http://www.head-fi.org/t/433318/shootout-107-portable-headphones-reviewed-astrotec-as-100hd-as-200hd-added-12-02-12


I'd doubt a portable amp or a different phone would make a substantial difference.

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My budget would be the $30 to $50 range. I live in the UK but I guess pretty much everything is the same price anyways! I listen to all sorts of music but these are mainly for hip-hop, rap and those sorts of deep beats. My favourite hip-hop album is Fort Minor - Rising Tied
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I've had a look through the thread mentioned. Any more advice welcomed and appreciated :)

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Well, it's time to spend some money on getting a better music file like ALAC! If not, you can download MP3 from whenever you think is nice to. It is free and easy way if you go for MP3 although it kind of bad? Then, you can download what I highly recommended, Denon Club. There's EQ for 20Hz to 16KHz! Feel free to check out this quick review on the Denon Club app here: http://www.ipadclubmalaysia.com/denon-club-a-personal-music-and-radio-app-for-you/

In case the link don't work, these are extremely good app for EQ, radio!

As for headphone under $50, and for your music taste, I would highly recommend you to for HD439 from Sennheiser!

Billson biggrin.gif
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I appreciate your response but I'm really looking for a solution that will let me get better bass and volume without leaking out whilst still using spotify @ 320kb/s
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Honestly, there's no reason to get higher quality music, especially when you're listening on a mobile device in the first place and the op's budget is only 50 dollars. Spotify will do fine. As for the headphones, i haven't heard many budget headphones, but two that i have heard in your price range that i like were the panasonic rp-htf-600s and the sennheiser px-100-ii. The px-100s are open, however, so if you want to block out outside noise, the panasonics would be the way to go.

Here are the links on amazon:






Oh and btw, there's a promotion going on for spotify right now. You can text spotify to 777483 and get a free month of spotify premium. Just thought you might want to save 10 bucks smile.gif.


Edit: just read your post about not wanting sound to leak out, so i would go with the panasonics.

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The HD439 are fairly unforgiving at times at least, to me but since the OP wants to stick with Spotify, fine XD

Billson biggrin.gif
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Those Panny's look sweet! I've never had any cans from them before so should be interesting, sound signature described well, might wander down to the Panasonic shop in my lunch break and see if they have any in stock, probably not but worth a try.


Also thanks for the Spotify suggestion, unfortunately I am in the UK. I come here because you guys have resources and knowledge unavailable elsewhere but thanks anyway.

Funnily enough I have actually had to cancel Spotify after everything I said (financial problems with other things!!) I'll get it back eventually though.



Anyway the HTF600's look amazing for the price. I really need to hear them to guage what amount of bass I'm going for as I don't even know myself. Will keep you updated if I manage to get a listen anywhere.

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No dice my local Panasonic shop had none in store. Well until I find the disposable income ill have to hang on frown.gif
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If you have the money, you could order them off amazon. They have an amazing return policy, and of you don't like them, you could always just send them back for a refund.
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I didn't know this. Interesting indeed!

I will have the money just not yet :) I'm interested in comparing a few sets after reading so many reviews here.


Thanks for the help so far, I'll revive the thread as soon as I've ordered them.

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Anyone got a comparison or reference of how big the Panasonic HTF600 is on the head?

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