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Hooking up Hi-Fiman EF2A?

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Call me an idiot, or call me ignorant, but I need some basic advice. I just received my Hi-Fimand EF2A, I hooked up the power supply, put the tubes in, and connected the USB jack. So, what's next ? yes power is on. But when I plug my headphones, the sound still either comes out of the system speakers, or if I plug in a headphone, to the systems headphone jack, it comes out ot that headphone.....How do I re-dirrect the playback path through the USB port to the EF2A for DAC playback ???? I know it must be a simple answer, but I did look in the EF2A instruction manual, and nothing was mentioned





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I just got my EF2A also and had the same problem as you. You just need to go into your audio output options (I am assuming you are running Windows) and make the USB output the default. Easiest way is just right click the little speaker icon and click on playback devices, then click on the usb output, the little green check should move from speakers to usb. Likewise when ever you want to switch it back it can easily be reversed the same way.

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Typically when you plug it in via usb it will do this automatically but sometimes it doesn't--do what he said.

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