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Replacment ear pads for ATH A900x?

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So just got in my A900x and I am wondering are there any other pads that fit on the A900x? I might wanna try the pads from the AD900x but I'm not sure if it fits.  Anybody have any input?

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ATH A1000 pads


Denon D2/5/7K pads


Fostex TH600/900 pads


Mr Speakers Alpha Pads


A900ti pads


J$ denon pads


Lawton Angle Pads


Shure SRH840/940 pads(but don't tuck under the lip at the back properly)


Fostex T50RP pads(same problem as the shure pads)


All the above fit the A900X.

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that's a great list. I just ordered some velour Beyer DT770 pads to replace stock a900X as my ears get terribly overheated from the pleather. How would you characterize the pros/cons of the list above vs. the Beyers?

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How did the DT770 pads work out for you, sound and comfort wise?  I find the stock pads to be too uncomfortable.  



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Just wanted to add to this thread that I was able to get FA-003/HM5/Jaycar pads onto the A900x (posted this already in the A900x appreciation thread).  They are a big improvement in comfort, still trying to figure out the changes in sound.  

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Hey guys, I know I'm bringing back an old thread but can someone confirm that any of these work? I'm in LOVE with these cans, but I'm a clean shaven dude....so these leather pads have got to go :)

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Add Hifiman HE Velour ear pads to the list.

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Hi guys, first post here and the A900X is my first premium headphone purchase...really loving the clarity from these cans! 


I just wanted to confirm for Almost Tactful and Wintersxx866 (yes, it's an old thread ;) that the stock AD900X pads fit perfectly on the A900X. I bought them directly from TAG Australia, who vouched for me that they do indeed work on the closed cans.

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Perfect pads for A900X, much more comfortable than original.


Highly recommend!

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Hmm....I bought those some time ago, Cinematik, for my A900X and they did not fit. In fact, I used a bit too much force and actually ripped the seam off one of the pads. Was not happy. That's when I went for the genuine part with the velour pads for the AD900X, and it was a cinch to fit them on. They were double the price of your listed Ebay item, though.... 😳
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I can upload few photos after work, fits perfectly.

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I just ordered the ath a550z because my a900x broke im hoping there almost as good as my 900x, because i love them just cant afford them again

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