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LB - question for you.


I owned an SR325i, woodied it, change headband etc.  Loved it.  Really loved it.  The treble peaks didn't bother me.


Sold it to chase other headphones.  Ended up along the way with an RS1.  Enjoyed it, but found it too smooth - didn't have the in-your-face, on-the-stage energy that I loved about the 325i.  Would the RS2 take me closer to that?  Is it brighter / more aggressive than the RS1?

Sorry for the late reply. I've been moving house and haven't been on here for a couple of weeks. 


I would say that the RS2's are a little more edgy. Or seem to be.. It may be because the RS1's have more bass emphasis and this warms up the mids too. But because I haven't owned them both at the same time I can only use memory (and this is not reliable!) with the RS1. Looking at the FR charts they are very similar from the mids up, and with this in mind I wouldn't expect a huge difference. What most folks say in comparison, is that the RS1's have a larger soundstage and more bass impact. But I do remember the RS1's being smooth (for Grado) and my RS2's certainly have plenty of bite.    

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Thanks LB. I might have to see if I can demo a pair next time I travel.
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I really love my Beyerdynamic DT 990's. I bought them 7 years ago and they're still going strong :).

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