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Need Comfortable Earphones

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I have the JVC FX40 and the sound is nice, but I would like something more comfortable.


I want something that sounds at least as good as the JVC FX40...I would like to spend around $50 or less.


I am not against buying second hand if the deal is right and I get more comfortable earphones.


I liseten to rock and classic rock....flac files from my Sansa Clip Zip and this amp.

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Go with Koss Portapros.  They are genuinely one of the best headphones under $100.

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ireally do not want headphones....looking for in ear

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Soundmagic PL50 or E30 are super comfy.
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Thanks, those look really nice and small, and I like the removable ear hooks.


Is there a big difference in the sound between the PL50 and the E30 ?

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Not really, PL50 is my favorite, smaller and I love the sound
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Thanks much...PL 50 it is

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Just alittle worried about the build quality on the shells...been reading where a lot of people have had them fall apart.....that annoys me alittle.

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I think that was only the first batch, they don't have that problem anymore, my friend still has his and they are nearly 1 year old
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Great,,,,thank you

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