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The best headphones for the smallest price... :) - Page 4

Poll Results: Wich one is better overall (sound quality, portablity, toughness...)?

  • 37% (22)
    Creative Aurvana Live!
  • 22% (13)
    Sony MDR-V6/7506
  • 12% (7)
    Koss ProDJ100
  • 3% (2)
    Sony MDR-ZX700
  • 6% (4)
    AKG K518DJ/K81DJ
  • 17% (10)
    Shure SRH440
58 Total Votes  
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He must've meant "very".

Not "green"..
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Whats the difference between the s400 and the s500? The 500s cost the double...

The cals havê recessed mids? But arent they supposed to be great with vocal? Até least thats what i read.

The koss are ur favourite from this list laon? Some say they sound a bit nasily and that they need a amp to be até their best...

Anyone had tried the v6 and the koss? Are they very different? Reich do you believe is better? At least these 2 seem to be very sturdy....
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They mid is recessed but still very clear and sweet, it's prone to sibilant though. No I clearly state that RX700 is my favorite, DJ100 is not bad but you do need amp lest it sounds just average.

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When are you headphones arriving sony slave? 


Guys for now i think i am just gonna stick with the aurvana's because i've also seen the v6's already a bit cheaper. I am going to try and wait for sony slave's opinion on the shure's srh440 vs the Sony Mdr-V6.


Meanwhile... I am stil trying to understand if i must keep my AKG K81's....


Wich good alternatives to these ones exist that provides excelente Sq, portability, isolation, durability and most important, a cheap price tag? :)


A couple of sugestions i already gathered...




Koss PortaPro

Philips Uptown & Downtown

The Jvc s400 & s500

My k81's

The v6 (kind of... dont know if the cable helps...)

Shure shr440


..... (need to make some more research)



Feel free to shootout some other option and to give ur opinions on any of these models for these purposes...


Thank you... :)

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anyone else? :)

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I tried the Shure SRH-440 and 840 out today at my local big headphone store. I noticed they had this weird like ''radio sound'' as if their source was a high quality radio. But I didn't have this problem with other headphones.

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Didn't have that problem when I test it with my dac amp, must be the ****ty source.

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Hi again m8s... :)


Here i am once again looking for a good pair of inexpensive headphones...

After two weeks of wearing my new Auvana Live!'s i must admit... They are good,,, But... To be honest they did not blow me away. They are good for sure but they are actually not that different from my Akg K518. The signature is exactly the same the only difference is that the Aurvana's have a more balanced sound but still they dont crush my Akg's.


So right now i have:


Creative Aurvana Live's 

Akg K518dj

Akg K514 MK II


I am thinking of getting something a little more different now...

I am a bit tired of warm sound signatures so i think i would like to try something brighter now...


This are my first options:


Sony Mdr V6

Koss ProDj100

Shure Srh440

Sony Mdr Zx700


I am leaning towards the first two since they re about 20 pounds cheaper. The v6 would probably be my first choice since they will be driven from my ipod touch 4g and since i have no amp (wich seem to be a requirement for the Prodj100... i may get a C&c BH in the future but not right now...).


My musical tastes and purposes remain the same and are describred in the original post... :)


Please feel free to share some opinions...


Cheers... :)

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It'd be more like a side grade than upgrade, imo you should sell all those cans, and buy one of the DT trio (770/880/990). Heck, Beyer just resumed production of the low impedance 32ohm DT770 which was originally on limited run and highly praised everywhere, so that's one good option.

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I would suggest more 2 models in this range of price (I have both) :


Beyerdynamic DTX 910 (open) and Audio Technica ATH - M40fs (closed back).


I also like the Shure Shr440, but I fell it a bit unconfortable in my head.





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Not considering Monoprice 8323 or Superlux HD-681 EVO?

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8323 would be a downgrade for most.... 


A graph is often useful when thinking about sound signatures. HeadRoom does drive these things out of nice amps so they won't be perfectly representative of what you will get out of an iPod or lower end amp, but none of the headphones involved are picky so that shouldn't really matter that much. 

The V6 will be the brightest of the bunch, followed by the SRH440. Both the ZX700 and DJ100 are fairly warm. 

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From my ears and from the same source, DJ100 is brighter than SRH440, mostly due to the lack of midbass hump on the DJ100. SRH440 also sounds very congested, DJ100 has pretty good soundstage for a closed cans but IIRC, CAL feels more spacious due to its recessed mid.


But really, none of the three is noticeably better than each other, just different. The Beyer DT7/8/9 are better in every way, though they're old now and doesn't generate as much buzz.


Oh well.

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Why aren't the m50 or Uptowns on here?

I voted for mMDR 7506
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Hey trunks, they could as well be here but for example the M50's... I cant get them for less than 120 euros (new). Although they are not very expensive, they are not very cheap as well. The Uptowns are a good option too you are right, although that thin cable does not seem very durable... But they have great reviews that is true and are about the same price as the koss or the v6.


But right now i am trying to focus on brighter headphones and it seems they have a warm sound signature (but i am not sure if i am right...)


So basically the v6 is the brightest right?


They are very diferent i know...


Zx700 and the Koss from what i've read they are amazing for vocals, while  the 440's and the v6 are more to the treble side (V6 seems to have amazing bass but sibilance and the shure seem to be bass light for some....).


Among all of them do you think the v6 is the best value when it comes to sound quality, detail and build? Since i am thinking of selling the K518's are any of these a portable option? Although these does not matter too much since i usually never use headphones outside.


I would love to get my hands on some beyers but not also are they expensive but also i think i would probably buy a pair of Hd25's quicker if i had the money for that. :)

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