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HiSoundAudio Studio-V 3rd anniversary memory card 'No File'

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I've been reading through many threads to find a solution, but thus far without success. So i'm calling on you guys for help.


Since a couple of days i'm in the possession of the Hisoundaudio Studio-V 3rd anniversary edition. I've bought a 32GB micro SD card to store my music. When i start the studio-v with the memory disc loaded the music is recognized but the artist and genre section give the message 'no file'. If i put a lot of music on it it takes ages to load and not just the first time. When i put the same files on the internal memory there seems to be no problem.


The problem started after i had cleaned out al the tags to speed up the starting process. The genre and artist information was shown correctly but it took ages tot initialize. Now, after the cleanup only v1 ID3Tags are present and i dumped all the album art. Deleted the systemfolder a number of times, resetted and restarted the studio-v a number of times, reformatted the memory card and started all over, but without result. The information isn't shown and it still takes ages to start.


Secondly, and i'm afraid this problem interrelates to the problem mentioned before, i can't seem to update the firmware. No matter how i go through the steps, reset, wait a bit, center button, wait a bit, upper button and connect, upper and center and connect, and who knows what other types of combinations i can't seem to get into the update mode. I've downloaded a couple of versions of the firmware, but the "StUpdaterApp_4MIN" doesn't start. I'm running Windows 8, tried it in safe mode, tried changing the compatibility to all the available combinations, but without success.


If somebody can give me a hint it will be much appreciated.


Thanks for your reply.

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Solved partialy, back to square one. After some trial and error i learned that when there is no audio file on the internal memory, the idtag information from the files on the external memory isn't recognized, or at least it isn't shown. Once i put some music on the internal memory, the music on the external is fully recognized. Might be usefull, at least for myself, to establish some rules for this devices.

Rule 1:

There needs to be music on the internal memory...

This brings me back to my initial point, the startup time with 20GB of mp3's on the external card is still tediously long, taking about a minute or 3 each time. All the id-tags are cleaned, just v1 left, no art, no nonsens. And for me; no clue...

Secondly, i haven't fixed the firmware problem yet. When i reset the device and push te centerbutton for 2-3 seconds the thing always starts up. Hooking it up with al kinds of button combinations has no effect what so ever and i have got the update software to show any sing of live at all. The fw version is 2013-01-15, thus says the little box. Thoughts? Anybody?
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Hit the reset and don't mess with any buttons until you're ready to hook up to your PC. When you're ready, hold the up button and only the up button constantly before and during plugging into your PC until recognized with a beep. (no mac) Once it's recognized, release the up button. All this should be done within 15 sec or so. Open the updater, it will find your unit. Once it does, it will appear in 'my computer' to format. Once formatted, start the updater until complete and then remove like any drive.


All that said, you probably don't need to do this. Just empty your system folder, it's probably a little messed up from multiple owners and mistaken procedures. the card should then load normally and probably much faster after the 1st time. Never install or remove the card while the unit is on and your tags should be v2 format.

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Thanks for the tips goodvibes, but unfortunatly no luck here. The steps you describe here don't bring me into an firmware updat mode. In fact nothing happens. Tomorrow i'll try it again on a pc with windows xp, maybe i'll have more luck then.

As for the startuptime and the tag-situation; are you sure about it being V2? According to the following thread it
should be V1;


The funny thing is, although i'm starting to mis the punchline in this ongoing joke, that the music on the internal memory, about 3.6GB, only takes 3 seconds to load. When i insert the sd-card with about 17GB of music it takes 3:56 min. to load and there isn't any difference between the first and the second time. The weird thing is that it creates a sd database in the systemfolder of about 14MB but without any apparant effect. As for deleting the system folder, i've done this a dozenth time but with no effect and it's a new player so there have been no prior users. It's a good thing the sound quality is a serious step up form my cowon s9, so thus far it is worth the hassle, but only if the outcome is positive. A startup time of about 4min. is a bit to much, if you catch my vibes...
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I could be wrong about which tag version. Check with Lee. I've never had that issue.

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i thought the hisound players can only read tags from internal memory ? and not from external memory? or is that case isolated in the Nova series ?

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It does recognize them and puts the two sources together in the the artist and genre overview.

I managed to get the firmware updated by using a windows 7 pc. Anybody have any experience with the software on windows 8?

The startup time is now down to 1:45 min. Still long, but getting better. If someone can give some tips on how the shorten this even more it would be much appriciated. The totall number of songs i have is about 3000, 20GB in size, all tags are cleaned, no images or pdf booklets between the files. The memory card is class 4, will a faster one help?
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Fot those whom it may concern i'll answer my own question. A class 10 memroy card reduced the strattime from 1:45min to 1:20min. I have bought the fastest one i could find, read speed of 70mb/sec. What is probably an overkill. Since this is still on the long side to my taste i deleted all the tag information. This reduced the startuptime to 35 sec. I organized my folderstructur as genre>artist>album and the filenames as 'artis-title', this way i have al the info i need, without the slowdown of the tags. Seems this is the fastest it's going to be with about 20GB of music and 3000 songs. How people manage to get it down to 16 seconds is a mistery to me...
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It's the huge registry with 3000 mp3s that's the issue. That's over 300 albums. Your obviously not doing anything wrong and finding solutions to your needs bigsmile_face.gif but most of us are using wav or flac on these which will limit us to about 1/5 as many songs on a filled up 32gb card. Try tossing your system folder's contents before the next boot and see how long it takes on the second boot.

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