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DT 770 Pro 80 ohms vs ATH-M50

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Which one is better?


I like to listen to Dubstep, R&B and hip-hop.

I don't want the bass to be overwhelming. I want it to be good for using at a desk and comfortable after long hours without my ears getting too hot.


So far, I've heard the 770 are very comfortable. I will be getting an amp in the future.

I welcome any other suggestions that are under $200.

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If you're going to use it at your desk and need comfort but not portability, the DT770 is probably a better option for you.

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The 770's are probably about as good as you're going to get for those requirements. They are very comfortable and they have good bass. I have the same model you're looking and and I prefer them to a lot of headphones that cost more. 


I'm guessing you are looking for a closed set. If you go open, you'll have a few options in that range that sound better, but you trade the drawbacks for open headphones. 

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Originally Posted by Tsujigiri View Post

If you're going to use it at your desk and need comfort but not portability, the DT770 is probably a better option for you.


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Also, if it matters to you, the DT770's are made in Germany while the M50's are made in Taiwan. Personally, I will buy a headphone made in Taiwan or China if it has a good reputation and good quality, but I expect it to be cost less than it would otherwise. And all other things being equal, I'd prefer to buy a product made in a country where quality control is more easily enforced.

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The DT770 will be much more comfortable than the M50, at least for me. The M50 is not a clamp or anything but comfort wise it could use some improvements.


The M50's bass is not satisfying IMO, while the DT770 is roughly at the right balance between bass and everything else. However be warned that I prefer bass canon type headphones (think PRO900), and that will affect my opinion 

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I am faced with the same choices. I need good, tight bass. Pitbull is one of my favorite artists to listen to.

If I'm gonna use these with iPhone 4S and an amp, which impedance should I go with?

And, are you guys certain about DT 770 having better bass than M50?

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I can't speak for the 80ohm, but the 250ohm version does not have the bass of the M50 (IMO). I've run both of them amped with a FiiO E10 and found the DT770 to beat the ATs only in midrange and comfort. I know I should like the metal materials in the DT770s more, but the M50s just feel "better".

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The 80 Ohm version is the bassiest of the DT770's. It's not overpowering bass, just a little boosted. I don't know how they would compare quantity-wise to M50's, especially considering that the M50's were recently changed (the white box version being sold now) and no longer have as much bass as they did when they got popular.

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what's the difference between dt 770 80ohm and 250ohm?

which one is better?

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80ohm has more bass, while 250 is more neutral and is obviously harder to drive
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I've read several reports of folks saying that the DT770 develops a "rattle" over time. This seems to be a somewhat widespread issue with the 770.

I have not yet read any such reliability issues with the M50.

Is it safe to the say the M50 may be more reliable in the long run than the 770? Are there any people here who have had the 770 for at least a couple of years without any issues whatsoever?
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Originally Posted by kkfan View Post


This is true for me. I have a slight rattle in the right speaker occasionally when there is a lower bass tone. It's bearable, though. I had it from day one.


The DT770's are built like fricken' tanks. I haven't owned it for very long but they are built very very very well and I can see them lasting me at least 5+ years and I am very uncaring and rough with my stuff.  The M50's are also built pretty well but are more plasticy.


With the beyers, the thing you will have the most issues with are the velour pads. The velour is white and they show dirt/filth/etc more quickly than pleather.  The pleather pads on the M50 start to crack after awhile and get very hard too.

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Interesting, I've heard no rattle in my DT770's, but they're very new.

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