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Htc One

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Been playing with my htc one for the last couple days now.

Seems to work well with sensitive phones, no hiss with anything in my collection.
Did find myself switching beats audio off, as the bass was too much, needed when using the speakers which have excellent sq and are loud.

Usb otg works well, accepts my sandisk extreme drive, and even my fiio e7 outputs from usb both video and audio.

Audio playback is impressive, especially in eq mode where it'll try to access gracenote and play lyrics alongside,
As well as update any music or album info.
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Hm, but I thought its launch in UK has been postponed till the end of March?


But nevermind, congratulations with your new purchase - it's surely one of the finest built phones out there! 

What do you think is the best player for AAC/ALAC and maybe FLAC that integrates well with phone features? Is a build-in player any good for AAC?

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Nope just limited stock, a few vendors had it in stock, i was one of the fortunate who pre ordered it early.


I personally really like the stock player, seems to play anything i've thrown at it.


Here are the audio formats it supports, though it's not listed it plays flac fine as well, might try it with some 96khz 24bit files i have.


Audio supported formats:

  • Playback: .aac, .amr, .ogg, .m4a, .mid, .mp3, .wav, .wma (Windows Media Audio 9)
  • Recording: .amr

Video supported formats:

  • Playback: .3gp, .3g2, .mp4, .wmv (Windows Media Video 9), .avi (MP4 ASP and MP3)
  • Recording: .mp4


Video wise i just use Km player pro, consistently been the best player especially as it'll play mkv files.

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How would you say the internal amp to be in terms of power? With respect to an iphone? With beats on and off?

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Interesting thread. The HTC One seems to have a custom headphone amp section. I´m hoping someone will measure it with low impedance high sensitivity IEMs. In particular I´d be interested in the output impedance. There hasn´t really been a phone that´s been able to outperform the iPhone 4S (5 is worse) for audiophile use yet. Maybe this is it!

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It feels more powerful.

Certainly powers my FXZ200's well the bass is as it should be.

Frequencies are boosted with beats on, with it off it's fine and sounds fairly neutral.

I've tried it with most of my phones and i can't detect any hiss.
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Htc one boomsound, vs gs3 iPhone 5 and nexus 4
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post #8 of 533   here is audio tests from gsmarena. By summary of characteristics it's best audio tract on market.

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Nice one but odd as gsm arena are known for being major Samsung fanboys. 


But good knowing my thoughts are accurate. 

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I have come to take GSM's verbal descriptions with a grain of salt. On more than one occasion, I have seen obvious things in the #s which contradict what they write. It would mean a lot more to me if they would show iPhone/Samsung-Wolfson stats on the same page and explain the differences. It's almost like they don't want you to make the comparisons. The biggest thing, of course, is 10 db or so in dynamic range. Having said that, HTC has historically done a lot more with the Qualcomm chips than anyone else.


p.s. For easy comparison, here are their stats for iPhone 5 and I9300.

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I'm totally addicted to finding the next best handset...


In just the past twelve months I've had the Samsung SII, Note, SIII, Note II, iPhone 5, last week got the Xperia Z, and today, the HTC One (yes, availability in the UK is still horrendous, but managed to get one in only the second shop I tried!)


I must agree with the OP, that the audio (minus 'beats') is loud, crisp and clear - I use PowerAmp, and 24/96 FLAC files play with ease (no stuttering whatsoever!) - I'm sure i'll be told it gets downsampled, but - either way, until then, ignorance is bliss!


Scored an own goal though, getting the Xperia Z, as I swear the screen on the HTC one is better still... Pah!

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Great device isn't it, the devs on xda are going nuts over it and I don't blame them. This phone has near everything I could want in a phone.

And you are right regarding the xperia as many are selling their's for the htc.

Can't wait for the custom roms to get going.
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what player are you guys using? stock htc player or something from the market? the stock player has no eq apart from beats on/off is that right?

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I'm using the stock player as i like the interface.

Plays most things I've thrown at it.
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Also with regards to what phones work best.

Yamaha eph100 by a mile, the two have such great synergy.

I'd imagine any laid back phone would lend well with the htc.

For some reason they don't like my fxz200's, I'll try different tips before I make my mind up.
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