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Tomahawk output impedance?

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Does anyone know the output impedance of the Ray Samuels Tomahawk?  I couldn't find this info anywhere on the web or the forums.


I recently tried using it with the iPhone4s line-out and it actually sounds worse than the headphone jack of the iPhone.  The treble seems recessed using the Tomahawk compared to the headphone jack, maybe even the mids seemed not as clear and crisp.  This is testing with the Monster Turbine Pro Copper.  I know in the past I've had great success using the Tomahawk and my other sources and different IEMs, so this time around I don't know what the problem is.


- Maybe output impedance of Tomahawk is high and changing the frequency response of the MTPC?  Anyone ever measure this?

- Maybe line-out of iPhone4s isn't good?

- Maybe iPhone4s headphone jack is better than decent and beats pretty good external amps?

- Maybe my dock-line-out cable isn't good?  Though I've used this with my older devices with excellent results in the past.

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I dont know about the Tomahawk but his others are less than 1ohm.

Which is a good indicator.





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