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The Ohio meet that never could  

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Well to say the least to everyone that did not make it or did not think it was possible to get a headphone meet together in 3 weeks, You missed out. There were some awesome people here and and equally nice headphones to talk about. 


High lights of the night for me were:

1: The reaction that almost every single person gave the JVC Flats, Listen for about 1 min> Take off head examine>put back on head jam out.

2: Magnum V4's are a very true middle ground for me sound wise between the rs1 and rs2, And these things scale great also.

3: STAX WoW First time with a electrostatic headphone and i was very very very very impressed.

4: I have finally got to hear the 3 top Mid-fi phones: HD650,DT880 and k701, And I have to say each one of those cans belong in any respectable collection. 

5: Cables do make a difference Not huge but enough to say you can hear the difference.

6: I neeeeeed a real amp for my V4's



Pictures in the next post.

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Stax are electrostats not orthos just FYI. I'll add more to my post and copy paste it over later.
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thanks one 6 to many beers for me ;)

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Headphones and Carcassonne. Two of my favorite things and I missed it!

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I thought that the meet was a really fun time. It's a shame that the D7000 and the LCD-3 guys didn't show, but we still had a blast. biggrin.gif

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It was fun. I never thought a wire would make any difference in sound quality in a blind test. And those Stax were nice!
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Great mini-meet. I had a great time spending the afternoon with Jason, Dave and Shawn. I could have spend many more hours talking and drinking beer with you guys, but unfortunately I had to leave "early".  I very much enjoyed trying out the Stax, Magnum's, AKG701 and the Denon 2K's. 

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Great time!!  It was worth the drive from Canton, for those of you that were not wanting to travel.

Highlights were:

  • Meeting other headfiers in person
  • Listening to the Stax, HD600, RS2, Magnum V4
  • Bumpin' to the Vega's!  Ha
  • Drinking beer and listening and discussing HP's
  • Getting feedback on my investments

Long live the JVC Flats. (chant, chant, chant) I just ordered two pairs off Amazon!! 


Can't wait till the next meet!


Also tenative planning for a meet in Canton mid to late summer 2013. Hoping Columbus H-fiers will make the trip North.

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Some of the key points I took away from the meet were:


~Cables do have a noticeable difference, albeit very minor, but when compared side by side it can be noticed. More expensive doesn't necessarily mean better, its more based on preference, though I primarily look at purchasing cables for aesthetic purposes.

~The Stax SR-303 reminded me a bit of my friends LCD-2's unamped, for the brief 5 minutes I listened to them past winter break, though a bit brighter.

~IEMs, or at least my v3's don't really benefit significantly from portable amps, at least not to a degree where I desire to spend $200+ on something to get a difference I can't notice

~Nice to meet people interested in the same hobby, all different ages and backgrounds, it was a good time

~May see if I can start a club up at OSU around this hobby, partially to demonstrate leadership and throw it on my resume, and also because it would be something fun


Can't wait until the next one!

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Also fancy camera Shawn should hurry up with that Photoshop thing :P.
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Could a brother get info if/when the next meet is?

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I am looking at possible dates for a summer meet time frame though.

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New meet thread is up go put some input in the thread ;)

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