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Bought AKG K550s, Top of my head hurts like hell.

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Hi everyone.


Today I received my brand new AKG K550s from Amazon, my very first "Audiophile" headphones.

I checked them out immediately and I was blown away by the sound quality, but..

After an hour or so, the top of my head is really sore and starts to hurt.

Ignoring it for a few minutes and then even a headache is coming up.


I guess the size/shape of my head is not designed for most headphones because I also had this issue with my previous headphone(CM Sirus 5.1)

So I'm returning them to Amazon tomorrow.


Now my question is, are there any headphones out there that don't put any pressure on the scalp or some really good headphones that rest in the neck.

(like these for example: http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Gaming-Headset-G330-Black/dp/B002I3OZB2 )



I'm not really an Audiophile nor do I wish to become one, but I do need good sound as I game alot (FPS), watch movies and ofcourse listen to music (Not a specific kind of music)


Any tip or advice is welcome.


Thanks in advance,




PS: Sorry for the grammar or spelling mistakes, I'm from the Netherlands.

Edit: forgot to mention, my source for the audio is a Asus Xonar D1 and I'm not using any Amp.

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Our heads must be similar, as nearly every headphone in existence bothers me after very little wear. I usually can't even get to the 1 hour mark without some fatigue or irritation.


That said, I find the Audio Technica's wing design extremely comfortable for extended use. For the top of the head at least. Perhaps take a look at the AD900 or (some may suggest) the A900X.

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+1 for the AT wing system.


I had both the ATH A900X and K550's at one point and ended up selling the K550 due to comfort and fit issues.The A900X also had better positioning for gaming too.

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Glad I'm not the only one with this issue.

Well those are currently not available here in Holland and also not on Amazon UK (Just 1 but it's a little too expensive).


I also checked out the ATH-AD700 and look very comfy, but oh my god, they're so ugly

Maybe any other tips?



Edit: is the ATH-AD500 any good?

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Is buying from ebay an option? If not you could try buying from amazon japan and having it shipped to Holland using a courier service like Tenso. I think it'll come out to be ~$160 for the A900X plus $35 for shipping.

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In this case, you may want to go the lightest you can find. The headphone's weight is usually the biggest contributor to any sort of fatigue you feel at the top of your head. The Sony MA900 is extremely light and is very comfortable despite having the general run-of-the-mill headband design. It's also extremely good for games and is actually one of my favorite sounding headphones, and one of the most comfortable I've tried.


I also own the AD700 and the color isn't as big of a deal as you might think. If so, you could always spray paint it a new color like I've seen many users do before (I believe one user has a picture tutorial on his "Dark Knight" mod that turned his all black). The AD700 is probably one of the best choices for competitive and casual gaming due to it's excellent positional capabilities and large soundstage. Doesn't do incredibly well for music though. It's also extremely comfortable for longer sessions.

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This indeed looks like a very good deal and was ready for ordering them at Amazon Japan, but they are not shipping to holland?



@Katun, thanks alot for the advice, I think I can make a choice from here.

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There are courier companies that specialize in shipping japanese products to foreign countries. You make an account with the company and order what you want on amazon japan. You then enter the shipping company's address (based in japan) as the shipping address along with your account number. Once the shipping company receives your package they'll forward it to you. This guide should show you how the process works:



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Ok I understand =)


Thanks alot for the help!

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I have had this problem with quite a few headphones (the headband pressing down against the top part of my head), especially K701 and M50, but I haven't had this problem with the K550. I can see how it can be uncomfortable by looking at its shape, but thing with the K550 is that they're light enough for it to be not too bothersome for me.


K550's headband is made of metal, however, so you may want to experiment with bending the headband a little so that they distribute more evenly over the top of your head and not just the topmost part.

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