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United States-Carolina Head Fi Meet

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So I just GOT my car and I'm itching to go to my FIRST head fi meet! For all of you living in South and North Carolina I would like to propose we put together a first anual Head fi meet for the Carolinas! I'm am currently a College student so I'm rather confident I could secure the space for us to meet. But ofc all ideas are open! 


I'm a little bummed I missed the NC meet on 1/20/2013 but, alas there is the future and I propose that we start plans for another meet! 


Not to mention I'm about to expand my headphone inventory by a whopping three cans! So I'd love to have a meet where I can share my ever growng Mid-Fi Bass Head can set up ^^

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In Cola, SC.

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There's a North Carolina meet coming up in a few weeks on 4/20:



And there's an Atlanta meet coming up in May if that's not too far away:


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I'm in the Upstate and plan to make the Charlotte meet.  And I'd be interested in one in South Carolina, as well.  Columbia would be convenient.

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