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I have been looking to replace my Razer Moray+ headset for a while. They were good, but I feel I can get more out of a pair of IEMs after learning about this site and many other Audiophile sites. After getting a pair of HD598s, I really want a nice pair of IEMs, BUT I need them to have a mic (I added a Antlion to my 598s to get a mic on them). I use the IEMs with my laptop, phones (Nokia Lumia 920 and Nexus4), portable game units, and other devices. I need that Mic for stuff like Mumble, Skype, phone calls, and so on, so I want it to sound good too. I primarily use my 598 with my desktop through a Soundblaster X-Fi go pro (I would like to change this too, i know i can get better. but it needs to handle a mic too. so the Fiio doesn't work.) for gaming and movies, sometimes some music.


After much searching, I found a lot of good things for the Nuforce 700M and the Brainwavz M4. But since they are so few and far between, I am having a hard to figuring out which ones are good.


I love good quality Bass, so if anything can do good bass, I would like it, and a nice soundstage would be good too. I have Bose speakers in my Volt, and its amazing how much cleaner the Bass is than my dad's JBL system in his new Benz.


As for price range, i would prefer not to go over 100$, i can go over a bit, but I don't think i can justify anything more.


Any help would be very appreciated. If not, I will probably just go with the Nuforce ones. Thanks.


[Edit] THe Brainwavz Beta+ and the Sunrise SW Xcape look good too. Also the Beyerdynamic MMX 101 iE seem to have good endorsement from the Nuforce crowd. Which also has shown me that the NE-700Ms are discontinued?

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