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Audio Technica ATH-M50S way to go?

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Hello there


Today I tried some headphones at the Apple store. I really loved the fit and isolation of the Dre Executive. Build quality is great but the sound was not as good as I had hoped and very expensive (300 bucks).


I am certain there must be better headphones for the buck. It seems like this Audio Technica has the best bang for the buck: 




So I think I'm going to get that one since I'm not an audiophile or something. Just want great sound quality for various kinds of music. Most music I listen to:


- Rock and Pop-rock (coldplay) 

- Many kinds of acoustic music

- Sometimes I like classical music too


I like crisp and clear high tones but although I'm not a bass-head, I want a good bass also.


Would this headphone my best choice? 


Thanks all :)

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If you can get them at a good price then it's a good investment. Beats are overpriced and if you have that kind of money to spend you can do better. What is your price range?
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Well let's say 200 max. Maybe more if it's really worth it.


I like over-ear fit better than on-ear.. but on-ears are less big and look better.

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Ultrasone HFI-580's if you like bass, or the HFI-780 is you like a more refined sound with a good bass response. 

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The HFI-580 and ATH-M50 are a great place to start.  The HFI-780 sounds tinny and muddy to my ears.  The ATH-M50 and sounds more neutral than the HFI-580.

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Do you have a headphone amp or do you plug straight into the pc?

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I always test the bass with the first 10 sec from Toto - Africa...  It has lot of bass so you can test it quite good. Can somebody with the ATH-M50S let me know how the bass sounds? Should give some strong bass but not too excessive.


Will consider these too. Thanks.



- beyerdynamic DT770

-srh440 (Only $85 ?? Wow..)


Hard decision.


thanks :)

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Straight in iPhone and use the Creative X-mod on my laptop. Very good thing. 

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Originally Posted by TheReem View Post

The M50 has a nice punchy bass quite boomy. The shure 440 is a bit lighter on bass but it is amazing for vocals and clarity it's better than the m50 but the m50 has better bass. The DT770 is superior to both but the 440 is again better for vocals. I would say the superior soundstage and musical sound and amazing comfort make the DT770 hard to beat for music listening .


So it's DT770 vs M50... Or HFI 580?


I will do some research on these. Any other advice and opinions.. most welcome :)

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Don't forget about the shure srh840. That's one of my favorite headphones I have. I also have the dt 770 pro and even at 80 ohm pumping music out if ps direct is not ideal. You would need an amp to get best sound. I got my srh840s at guitar center and they matched amazons price of $180 at the time. So I would def recommend those for clarity and great mids with being a tad bright but still great treble. And the bass is not as impactful out of a computer like m50s but the other spectrum is much better. It's worth the extra dough
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I agree with the dt-770 recommendations. Very comfortable, great sound, awesome bass. But they sound better amped. Not truly necessary (my phone gets solid sound), but a consideration.
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You also have to remember that the dt 770's are quite a bit more expensive then the m50's. Close to $80-$100 more expensive, keep that in mind

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The M50 is for studio monitoring use, it has a colder, more neutral presentation.


I am not familiar with too many models, but Audio Technica ATH-A900X and AKG K550 should be good phones for your price range and musical preference. They have similar sound presentation, the rest is personal preference (I am waiting on the AKG to do direct comparison)

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Thanks all..


I did some research and found out the DT770 has more fans than the M50. I'm going to use them on my laptop + x-mod most of the times but on my iPhone also. But the DT770 does probably need a stronger audio source instead of a fairly weak iPhone.. (?)


"... i think you will be more happy with the M50. at 38 ohms, the require less power to drive them than the 80 (or 250 version) ohm DT-770."


I'm reading through this thread right now:



I think at the end of the story they are both great headphones. Do I really need an AMP for the DT-770? My MacBook Pro already gives a really strong input and I can play a bit with the EQ.



But what about his opinion? Not the best choice for pre-recorded music??



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For classical and rock I would think the M50 might be a bit better, but if you feel like doing something unusualy, get Tenso to forward some A900x's from amazon.co.jp!

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