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Same old Schiit? Um, no. Welcome to Asgard 2!

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Hey all,


Think back to 2010.


When we launched Asgard, the world of headphones was a lot smaller. Desktop audio was really in its infancy. And, to tell the truth, we didn’t really know if we’d be selling a ton of Asgards—or giving our friends headphone amps for Christmas presents until the end of time.


Now, two and a half years later, it’s time to recognize that the world has changed. It’s time for Asgard 2.


Yes. Asgard 2. It may look like Asgard on the outside, but it’s a whole new ballgame on the inside.


Gain Switching—Great for IEMs

Let’s start with the obvious, like the gain switch. Yes, Asgard 2 now has selectable gains of 1.5 or 6. 1.5 is great for IEMs—together with the Alps Blue Velvet pot, it gives excellent control and great channel tracking, as well as a dead-silent background.


Preamp Outs—A Complete Desktop Control Center

You’ll also notice we added preamp outs. Now, creating a complete desktop system with powered monitors and headphones is easy. The pre outs are controlled by the volume pot, also have gain switching, and turn themselves off when you plug in headphones.


All-New, Higher Performance Gain Stage
But if you go a little deeper, you’ll see that what’s inside the Asgard 2 doesn’t look anything like the original Asgard. That’s because we learned so much during the development of Mjolnir, we really wanted to share. Asgard 2 has a high-voltage, cascoded gain stage very similar to Mjolnir, coupled to a Class-A MOSFET output stage. The result is distortion almost 10x less than the original Asgard, even while retaining the no-overall-feedback design.


Plenty of Power for Most Orthos and High-Impedance Headphones
No, it’s not a Circlotron, and no, it’s not balanced, and no, it’s not 8 watts. But Asgard 2 will put out a solid 1W RMS per channel into 32 and 50 ohm loads, and 190mW into 600 ohms. It’s plenty for many orthodynamics, as well as high-impedance headphones.


Now, you’re probably thinking, “Hell, this is gonna cost a fortune.”


Actually, no. Asgard 2 is $249, just like the original Asgard. Thank surface mount technology and streamlined production for that. Aaaannd—it’s in production now.


Read more here:


Asgard 2 Product Page

Asgard 2 FAQ


“Wait a minute!” you might be saying. “I’m on Asgard backorder. I have to go cancel that order right now!”


Nope! If you’re on Asgard backorder, you’re getting an Asgard 2 automatically.


Welcome to 2013! We think it’s gonna be a great year.


All the best,


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Thank you for making such a great product. I can't wait to try it out.


The slow leak of info had been teasing me all week. I went insomuch as to take a close look at the picture of the circuitboard and compare to the previous. (working in the hydro-electric power generation field does that to you) 


I anxiously await to listen to it.

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Darn I got my Asgard just this past November if I had known and as much as I love mine I would have waited to get the new upgraded one.confused.gif 

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I already want to sell my old asgard, ordered mine around December. Would be a very nice solution for my speakers...Regardless of my situation, well done schiit. On paper so far it looks fantastic, with very thorough thought through features. 

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If this would be available in black i'm sold.

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Congrats, looks like a very nice update!

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Nice job, Jason!


Can you guys work on some t-shirts now? biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by OldSkool View Post

Nice job, Jason!


Can you guys work on some t-shirts now? biggrin.gif

You mean other than these? http://schiit.spreadshirt.com/

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Good call on adding the preamp outs! smile.gif


I don't know which is more fun: desktop 2.1 speaker audio or headphones. I'm hooked on both.


I switch back and forth between the two all the time, so I think the preamp outs are a critical feature.

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I would agree this is a great looking unit congrats on the new product.atsmile.gif

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Will there be a relay? 



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Originally Posted by Defiant00 View Post

You mean other than these? http://schiit.spreadshirt.com/

Yes, I mean other than just that one. smile.gif

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Who doesn't like new Schiit!! Great job guys.


Now a little birdie told me that you guys were working on a small (Because your amps are sooooo huge) tube DAC/AMP combo that will be on sale later this year...


OK, so there is no little birdie and I need to stop talking to myself (at least in public) but I was hoping you guys would do the tube combo thing with your own Schiity touch so you know... Get on it :)


Either way, keep up the hard work and the more Schiit the better!

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Are other 2's on the way?

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Originally Posted by KG Jag View Post

Are other 2's on the way?

None planned at the moment.


It's just that Magni's performance was (ahem) uncomfortably close to the Asgard. So we decided to make an Asgard 2 with performance that's uncomfortably close to a Mjolnir (within its output limitations, of course, and in our opinion, your mileage may vary, you may disagree entirely, all amps sound the same, blah blah woof woof.)

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