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Originally Posted by Sylafari View Post

Just got mines today, it seems like the changed the tiny square cutout for the headphone jacks as it is now missing from the amplifier. 

Damn!! Yours look nicer without that tiny square!!
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yeah it does too

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The tiny square is missing from the Woo site photos now too.
Well, I'll be wearing my tiny square badge with pride.


Rev 1 models could be called:

"Woo Audio WA7 'fireflies', model n or o"

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WOO-HOOOO!! Now MY little 'fireflies' unit is on its way -- should be arriving on my doorstep tomorrow in fact. Now I'm contemplating skipping work for its arrival, hmmm


Actually, I kinda prefer the look of the "model 🔳," it's almost like a cube-within-a-cube! Maybe it'll become a prized collector's item one day?


Though I suppose the lack of a square cutout will improve upon the structural integrity around the 'phone jacks, especially with repeated unplugging...

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Nice looking amp
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And thanks guys for testing out the functionality with both IEM & full-sized cans plugged in at the same time... Would've been nice to toggle between the two, but ah well...

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Listened to my Klipsch X10 at school with my iPhone 4S the entire day and than proceeded to try the X10s with the WA7 listening to the exact same songs and heard a huge difference in the quality of sound especially the midrange. Probably the largest difference in sound I have heard when using an amp compared to not using an amplifier on nearly every headphone or IEM I own (always felt that a better amplifier wouldn't make that much of a difference).

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Fantastic isnt it. Thanks for your input.

I was the same, at first i thought "This is a LOT for me to spend on an amp- especially sight unseen, unheard and without a single review online". After hearing it and enjoying it I instantly realised the value in it. In 100% all honesty after hearing it and experiencing it in the 'flesh', I can comfortably say that i personally would have paid quite a fair bit more than this amount should I have auditioned it first. Definitely a keeper for me.

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Originally Posted by WhippieDaddy View Post
I really like the HE-500.  When I first bought it back in November I did some comparing to the Baby Stax headphones (SR-003) I own.  At first I liked the Stax better, but then after burn in the HE-500 started to shine.  I found it to have more accurate midrange and certainly more substantial / accurate bass reproduction.  The highs are what the SR-003s do the best, though I'm not sure they're better than the HE-500's treble.  At this point I definitely prefer listening with the HE-500 than with the Stax.  Even last night I was marveling at how pleasurable it is to listen with them, particularly since my focus tends to be on the midrange.


I plan on keeping the HE-500 since I enjoy it so much.  I don't think my purchase of the LCD-3 is going to make me want to give up on the HE-500 - the HE-500 is just too good for it to be completely supplanted by the LCD-3.  There is therefore something that I cannot yet articulate about them relative to the LCD-3 that makes me still like them as much as I do.  And of course the reason I can't yet articulate it is because it will require further side by side comparisons. Once I can, I will certainly share it on this forum.



Thank you for your impressions. I also have the HE-500, and I'm really considering buying the WA7. How would you describe the way the WA7 drives them, compared to other amps you have tried?

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I'm still in the process of evaluating my WA7 and it hasn't completed its burn in period yet.  But so far I really like how it sounds with the HE-500.  Bass reproduction is very impressive and the mids and highs are very smooth and the WA7 comes across as doing the job effortlessly and without any sense of strain.  Articulation and separation of instruments are very good in my opinion and I hope to see even better results when the unit is burned in.


I've compared it a little to the Schitt Lyr.  Initial impressions are improved imaging with the WA7 (it seems to have more three dimensional character to me) and a hint of more bass, though again, the WA7 is still being burned in.  The WA7 sounds more natural (euphonic?) to me and is easily able to drive the HE-500s (just as the Lyr).  The Lyr seems drier (less liquid?) and almost restrained or distant by comparison, though I'm still evaluating things.


I've been listening to female vocals the last few days - Linda Ronstadt, Carole King, and Roberta Flack.  But that has only been with the WA7 and not with the Lyr.  Roberta Flack's pristine, delicate voice on 192/24 sounds just about perfect on the WA7 (although I have to admit that I haven't listened to her on the Woo WES, the Liquid Lightning, or the BHSE with a pair of Stax SR-009s... :-)).  I'm going to listen to the three on the Lyr this weekend and will have some relative comparisons soon.


I just purchased the Schitt Mjolnir and it should arrive tomorrow, so I'll have another amp to compare it with.  The audio bug has definitely bitten me.  :-)  I still haven't received my LCD-3s so I can't do the comparison with the HE-500 yet.


I'm really enjoying the WA7 so far, to the extent that I've been neglecting the Lyr.  But don't get me wrong, I think the Lyr is very good and I do like it.  For about one third the price of the WA7, I think it's a tremendous bang for the buck.


All the best.

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Oops, I should have said that the Lyr is a little less than half the price of the WA7, not one third the price...  I've been buying lots of equipment recently and I'm getting confused on the prices.  If only my price points could be higher (e.g. Woo WES, Liquid Lightning, or BHSE)...  biggrin.gif

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Received my WA7. Here are initial thoughts.
So far I have listened with both hifiman HE-500 and Beyerdynamic T90. Things are still changing as the stock Sovtek tubes settle in. Initial Impressions after 6 hrs:
Silent background
Solid bass with clarity, impressive transient capability
That tube magic midrange
Impressive clarity on the high frequencies
I was on the fence about selling the HE-500. They are competent but never really sparkled on my other amps (WA3+, V200, O2, DAC-1.) They seem to have come to life on the WA7. They stay while I listen longer and evaluate this combination.
As each to his own on their search for sonic utopia, I must say that if I was told I could only have the WA7 and the Beyer T90, I would indeed be happy to listen to my library, enjoying the music quite well. In fact the danger of this combination is losing oneself in the music and forgetting time. A reminder that my preferences and auditory canal resonances are such that given the Sennheiser HD600 and HD650 I would choose the HD600. YMMV.
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Some fantastic input! Whippiedaddy: i would love to hear your comparisons to Mjolnir too. What DAC are you using with the other gear? have you tried running them through the WA7 DAC only option?

Atomicbob, glad to hear you are enjoying it so much. I spent the night with my WA7 and some Fischer FA011 I just purchased and reviewed, and tonight ill be spending the eveing in the same way with the Soundmagic HP100 I purchased at the same time to do the same thing. I love this amp, no fatigue!

I urge everyone to try the gold pins when possible, iIMO its a must.

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Enjoying the WA7 would be un understatement. There have been few instances where I have been hard pressed to tear myself away from a listening session. The WA7 is one such HP amp.
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Actually, to compare pricing, you have to take Lyr plus Bifrost so they're actually pretty close. Within US$100 or so if Bifrost has USB. Just got the HE500 and am considering the WA7. Liking what I've been reading so far.

Originally Posted by WhippieDaddy View Post

Oops, I should have said that the Lyr is a little less than half the price of the WA7, not one third the price...  I've been buying lots of equipment recently and I'm getting confused on the prices.  If only my price points could be higher (e.g. Woo WES, Liquid Lightning, or BHSE)...  biggrin.gif

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