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Well some maid cafe is fully booked alreadytongue_smile.gif (half kidding but is a fact....)

got some more info from Astrotec, updating in a sec...




Those coming can phone me at 60763480 on the morning of 19th and I'll meet you at Shaukeiwan station.


Please state here in advance the hour at which you can make it to Shaukeiwan.  I haven't set a fixed starting time for the meeting but would like to coordinate the timing so I wouldn't need to go out to Shaukeiwan station separately for every single member tongue.gif 《---repeating the message so no one will miss it* 

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Does someone know where to buy some good CDs except HMV HK? Thanks.

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What kinds of CDs are you looking for?  For Independent-label classical/jazz, go to Shung Cheong (Rm 801, Bank Centre, Mong Kowk).  But in general I don't recommend brick and mortar stores in HK. (high prices, impolite and unprofessional staff).

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Most are pop music or some rock. I can get any classic music in US. But it is hard to get some Cantonese pop music CDs.

Do they have online shopping or in-store only? Thanks.

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Just leaving this here:


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Glad to see some Hongkongers around here. Do any of you know whether the shops at 先達 (Sin Tat) sell legitimate genuine products? They've got really competitive prices but I'm not sure if it's reliable...  

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2013 HK Small Scale Summer Meet!


Location: My place (in Ma On Shan)

Time: Aug.11th 2013,  1100 - 1630



  • b1o2r3i4s5
  • Ra97oR
  • joe0bloggs
  • NLNH
  • ...


Current Gear List:

  • MDR-R1
  • SA5000
  • DT150
  • HD600
  • SR-60i
  • K550
  • K518
  • SHE3580
  • TF10
  • RE-0
  • S4A-01
  • uHA-120D
  • P-H
  • P-P
  • P-IA
  • ...

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b1o2r3i4s5, any idea of a date ?

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Originally Posted by undersys View Post

b1o2r3i4s5, any idea of a date ?

oops, I only added the date on the first post.


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I was in Hongkong from 5/5/13 - 7/24/13 and just come across this thread :(

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Hi Hong Kongers,


I'm Tim, a U.S. Expat new to Hong Kong. Just found this thread by searching for 'Mingo'. I visited their Wan Chai location recently and was looking to see if anyone had discussed any of their other locations. 

Primarily wanted to say hello! :) 

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Theres one in sim city mong kok, there are a couple more shops in there as well. I think when you exit E2 mongkok station, beside apex sports there are stairs going down which have shops there as well.
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You could also try out DMA Audio, as the people there generally seem rather polite, and they able you to demo stuff there, even the new iBasso DX50. Have a nice time in Hong Kong, hopefully there'll be a Christmas meet coming up soon. The shops at Yau Shing Commercial Centre (Mong Kok Exit E2) is also quite nice. One tip, paying cash always gives you discounts.
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Thank you Eddie C and Nicolas L!

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Hi, I'll be visiting HK Nov 1 for 13 days.  I've had suits and shirts made in a few days, and was looking for a set of Custom IEM.  

Curious to see if there is any place which can turn around a quality set in a few days while I work and eat lots of Dim Sum!! (budget would be around the 3750 HKD price range.

Thanks in advance!

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