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Advice in buying Sennheisers

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Hello to everybody, first post here, i have read quite a bit of posts, anyway... I'm buying new headphones, but in my country there is very little choice when it comes to them, pretty much nowhere to try out any headphone to see if i like sound and find them comfy. I'm replacing an old pair of sony wich are literally taped together, i've grown used to the sound of them, i think they sound quite natural, but lack quite a bit of bass, i really wish to get a whole new sound, many headphones that i hear from friends and so sound so high output wich is very impressive at first, but becomes dull after a while and distort music a lot.


About what kind of music i hear, i mostly hear classic rock (Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, AC/DC and such), but i plan to use this headphones (like my old ones) for everything, i mean everything, watch tv, play games (pc/xbox) hear music from my smartphone/ipod/tablet, i mean everything.


And about choices in my country: There are many many cheap beats by dre chinese knockoffs and many many crappy skullcandy knockoffs wich sound as i described above.


Then searching i only found 3 brands of headphones that are actually usable, Thats Sony, Sennheiser and Bose


Bose headphones are simply out of my budget (at least any model i could find)


Then comes Sony, wich i found the Zx-100 and Mdr-Z700DJ within my budget


And finally from Sennheiser (wich i'm interested the most) : HD 228 (from what i read these are the ones i'm most likely to buy, also the cheapest of them all in my country), HD 201, HD 202 II, and last HD 435 (this ones are a bit over budget, but if the difference is too great it might worth the extra effort)


Since i play mostly at night noise isolation and sound leak are somewhat important to me... Thanks for all your help in advance!

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Can you find some Sony MDR ZX700? Otherwise, I'd go for them or the Z700Dj. And your price point, I wouldn't touch any of those Sennheisers really.


Very best,

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nowhere to be found... what's the difference between ZX 700 and Z700DJ? just to know...

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I searched some more about those Mdr-Z700DJ and i think they're knockoffs could someone help me confirm this? this youtube video shows the same headphone i'm about to buy, the quality of the box just doesn't seem genuine...



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