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Hello From North Seattle

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I am pretty much new to audiophilia but have lurked here for information.


I have used my ears for many, many years and I would like to kick it up a level with portable HiFidelity audio while in the car or walking my dog. Burned out on Apple and iPods and tired of their poor performance and even worse reliability. I feel that there are much more faithful sound reproduction combinations than iPod/earbud combinations.


My first step is to purchase the Nova 3 special from highsoundaudio along with their three complimentary IEMs. Being advanced in age I am used to hiss. I started listening to recorded music before there was stereo let alone digital formats. Most of the music from back then was recorded on one inch tape and was burned with the VU meters in the red. It was called Rock 'N Roll.

I was impressed with CD's until they got trampled on the floor of my car. Jewel boxes are crunchy. Then I got my first iPod and life was much better. I could carry around my entire catalog of music and no more crushed jewel boxes. Then the iPods expired and I got tired of patching them back together with batteries and hard drives.


Then when I wanted to upgrade to better sound I found Head-Fi and a lot of good contributors that had the information I am looking for. That is what brings me here.

Just thought I would introduce myself. I still have a lot of questions.


Thanks Fellas !!!

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Welcome to head-fi

Sorry about your wallet.


We are willing help but first: what exactly are you looking for?:

A decent player with a portable amp? 

A decent player with a huge amount of space to carry all your music?

Only a decent player?

A pair of high quality headphones?


Another thing: budget.

What is Nova3? I don't see a product with that name at highsoundaudio.

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The Nova N3 is a player that is to be shipped out soon, so basically it's a pre-order. Highsound makes the RoCoo series that have a built in amp and carried that technology to their Nova N1 & N3. I found the company here on Head-Fi and read their reviews before selecting their player.


A link to their product aanouncement on Head-Fi :




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Interesting little device


But again: what do you need? IEMs right? What's your budget?

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