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Scary Airplane Moment.....

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OK, not as scary as some airplane moments can be, but I did have a weird moment today on my flight home. Halfway through the flight I whipped out my newish GR07's which I'm continuing to break in and am enjoying more everyday. But when I started listening I knew there was something wrong. The midrange had disappeared entirely and it was all low-end and sibilance. YIKES!!! What happened, I asked myself in panic. Double checked the tips, the seal, tried a different source. Nope, still dog crap. By the time I landed I was sure my new babies had somehow blown a gasket. But, lo and behold, when I got home I put them on and, behold, the awesomeness had returned. Long story short - and you guys probably all new this already - it was obviously cabin pressure wreaking havoc with my hearing which led me to believe the earphones were trashed. Am I the last one to discover this?
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I was convinced my Shure SE115s had failed because on 2 recent flights the right channel cut out entirely while the left channel had no bass and about 50% reduced volume.  Once back on the ground they worked fine.  The weird thing is while in the air I borrowed my wife's Sony earbuds and they sounded fine, so I don't think it was my ears reacting to the pressure changes.


I bought a pair of Shure SE215 as a replacement but now I discover (about a week after the last flight) that the SE115s are back to their normal good sound.


It's OK because the SE215s sound even better (after 3-4 days of break in) than the SE115.  The SE115 is easier to put in the ear and take off so they will be my earphones to take to the gym.

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