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Software/hardware help?

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Hello all,


I just bought a new pair of Senns and though my laptop's audio is alright I was hoping for a few tips to improve. Firstly, I'm about to start re-downloading my collection in FLAC and was wondering which program you use to play your FLAC besides iTunes and Windows Player. Secondly I was wondering what sort of budget USB DACs you reccomend as I'm quite sensitive to the background electrical interference and I have one but after giving it a quick listen to I discovered it was worse even than the on board sound.


Thanks in advance!

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iTunes actually sounds pretty good.  The most recent revision sounds better than the last couple revisions.  It is, however, a memory hog which is why I use Foobar2000.


As for USB DAC units the price varies from $50 on up.  I use a Total Bithead which is both a USB DAC and headphone amp.  It is very nice and very well built.  FiiO also is making some low cost DAC options.  Perhaps someone will chime in about which FiiO they use and why as I have no experience with that brand.

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