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Well, it's an ATX SMPS and 10mV ripple is rather common these days AFAIK. But sure it'll do great to power your PC as the lighter the load the lower the ripple.


I don't have a TOTL multimeter but the Kingrex does measure very close to 5.00V IME, when OTOH the Pardo was definitely outputting 5.5V.......luckily my DAC has some serious VR built-in so that didn't fry anything happy_face1.gif

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Originally Posted by leeperry View Post
 the Pardo was definitely outputting 5.5V...

you must be kidding?


what's so "super" in those Teddy superregs then?

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Very much not kidding here and his reply was "The voltage should normally drop under load to 5-5.3V".


Needless to say that the more it goes, the less I believe the whole "discrete=better" fairy tale...oh we're so cool that we don't use IC's, yeah sure.

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Originally Posted by alamakazam View Post

does the 5v kingrex really gives out 5v? I know the 12v version, is 13v in reality


I just saw a used 13V MK2 PSU for sale on a local forum but it clearly states 13V on the tags:



All this said, I've broken the 5V pin of my USB cable and SQ certainly hasn't worsen tongue.gif

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just ordered kingrex psu mk2 and the same mikrotik usb 5v injector cable and also a neutrik 3 pin xlr plug. once they arrive maybe you can guide me wich cables are ground and 5VCC since i dont have a multimeter, i hope this injector has inside coloured cables to make a diffrence, otherwise id have to let someone with a multimeter solder it for me. :p and ofc u3 is also on the way :):):) its all christmas again !

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Ah, good for you! Well, I've messed with a bunch of those cables and wires colors were not consistent amongst them, so grab a $10 multimeter and check it yourself as it would be really too bad to kill the U3 due to plain negligence.


Be very wary of Murphy's law as it's always around the corner seeking any mistake to blow your plans up in smoke(literally this time ^^).

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killing u3 is not an option :p guess ill have to buy multimeter , just to use it once.

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wich "cutter" did you use to cut it from very back, i tried to bend it back and forth but the pin wont break :p


EDIT: tried more few times and got it :>

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Okay, leeperry now please explain how did you "share" this ground... i have connected the kingrex to u3, u3 red light turns on but computer doest not see U3 anymore, i guess its this shared ground issue, i only removed 5v pin from computers side in this injector cable... and soldered neutrik plug to connect it with kingrex.. what else i have to do ? :)


without kingrex and usb injector cable it works fine again.






Oah, got it working.. guess i had bad contact on one of the usb plug adapters. not as much improvements as i hoped but still better than before. much more bass :)


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Ah, that's a lot of adapters.....how about using a plain A/A extension cable(as short as possible) from the Injector cable to the computer?


Told ya, deep bass sounds a hell lot better off a clean PSU happy_face1.gif


You may also wanna use a short adapter to your DAC:

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i dont have A A cable and i need 5m usb cable.. :D since the  dac and notebook are far away and i dont like wire running straight across the room :) .


this aqvox adapter-s usb B female to B male injector would be perfect but cannot find one like that and dont also want to pay 100€ for this aqvox adapter just to get the wire :(


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you can easily get 16ft A/A USB extension cables FWIW.

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but that would just save one adapter.

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Well, the sad news is that those $1 adapters are made of steel wires found at the local garbage dump and soldered by you can guess who in you can guess what kind of environment: http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/wi3glybso8pk1q2ebzz5cpat3tuf0k9w/


Truth can be harsh, I'll give you that darthsmile.gif

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great idea, good that i ordered like 10 of these adapters, ill cut one up to see inside tongue.gif

EDIT: mine had some sort of copper , but i guess not the best quality smily_headphones1.gif but still i consider this usb injector that we have, temporary solution, until i find something like aqvox has... smily_headphones1.gif
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