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Looking for new IEMS

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im looking to buy a new pair of iems ive been using meelectronics m9's and for a cheap pair i think they sound pretty good considering the price tag


im looking for something a little better


i would prefer to spend no more then 80 dollars but can go up to 100 i need them to be comfortable ive had problems with finding the right tips in the past and just problems in general with iems i have small ears so im sensitive..


type of music i listen to is metal/rock mostly some rap but not often



if you need to know anymore info from me please ask


would like to hear as many recommendations as possible with details on why and please be strict to my dollar amount cant really go higher and also dont want to have to get an amp for them so they have to be good in every aspect as is


thank you

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Do some research on the Klipsch X10, on amazon atm for $104. Very popular here right now.
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Originally Posted by H20Fidelity View Post

Do some research on the Klipsch X10, on amazon atm for $104. Very popular here right now.


+1 very good choice for that price!

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I have to agree with H2O on the X10, I'm loving mine.  I have the Earsonics SM3 and I'll use the X10 almost as much, they're a really fun IEM with better than I expected SQ.  They're just over $100 but I think well worth the price.


If you really don't want to spend more than $80 the Sony XBA-1 is a nice option as well, the have good bass with a smooth over signature and a decently wide soundstage for a $70 IEM.

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i got a pair of soundmagic e10's. i love them to death. they have plenty of bass. great for the type of music you listen to. They are around $40. If you wanna go up a little in price ive heard good things about the soundmagic e30's. That is if you like the over the ear design.

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anymore suggestions,looking for as many as possible to compare

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+3 on the X10, review as to why I think so linked in my signature.

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