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Where to buy Swan M50w

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So Ive done some research on a 2.1 system i want and i decided to go with the swan m50w. Just one problem, it seems i cant buy them anywhere because the one place that sells them online (theaudioinsider.com) has been out of stock for like 3 monthes. I tried contacted them but haven't received any replies. Does anyone know of another online reseller that i can purchase this system from, or possibly somewhere local to me ? ( I live in MA ).

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Same here.
Wondering why they haven't stocked them back since there's still quite a bit

of demand for their product.
It seems that another dealer, Lockware system has run out of Swan M50W as well.
I might contact the manufacture directly and see what's going on.

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If you find anything out when you call them , shoot me a PM
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I am so jealous of anyone who is getting Swan speakers. Absolutely fell in love with the M200MKII, but got no cash for it.



Just look at that majestic beast. Look at it.

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Did either of you ever locate a source to buy the m50w?  I'm interested as well, but it appears they are still out of stock.  I wonder what the problem is.

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i never did, probably going to try to contact audio insider until they give me a definitive answer...




EDIT: this is the only place i can find them readily for sale, but i ain't paying that price hahaha :




UPDATE: just got a response back from TAI.



Thank you for your interest.  In 2012 Swan had a variety of issues with distribution, North American pricing, and in some models, product reliability.  Out of stock Swan models have been pending Swan's resolution of these and other issues.

As of May 2013, it appears that we shall restock important Swan models like the M10, M50W, D1080IV, M200MkII, and M200MkIII, which will join the Swan H2, H4, H5, and new H Subs, plus the rest of the Swan Active Desktop series.

We should know more mid June about restocking, and if plans hold, we could be restocked late June or early July.

We cannot guarantee availability at this time, but if you would like to be alerted if we restock, please reply.  We'll alert you as soon as we have new product on the water inbound to our Nevada warehouse.  Preorders will be accepted upon confirmation of this freight.

Thanks again and all of us at TAI hope we can yet serve you.

Hopefully that stands true and we will have a nice solid supply to the US.

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Thanks for the update.  I also received a similar response from TAI shortly after my last post.

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Hifinage.com has them in stock. He is the Indian disti though. I have just bought one from him.
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Hey Trakcon and Missleman,

Have either of you heard anything from TAI regarding the m50w recently?



How did the hifinage.com route turn out?

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ive heard nothing from them , site still says its out of stock . Ill probably send another email as soon as i have the cash to buy them in the next couple of weeks
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I have bought many times from hifinage
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Same as missileman, I haven't heard anything.

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Everytime I send an email they change the estimated restocking date, it's starting to get annoying. I was hoping to get them before september at the latest, but I doubt that will happen now :/

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I just heard back from Audio Insider.  They say the container with M200MkII's (which is what I'm currently aiming for) should be about ready to leave Swan for a mid-October arrival in the warehouse and that a website announcement should be forthcoming.  Hopefully the same goes for the M50W.

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Wow that's pretty late. Ok thanks for the update man, I appreciate it.

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