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CanLanta 2013  

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May 4th, 2013. Atlanta, Ga 10AM-8PM EST


Marriott Century Center. The link is for the 15 discounted rooms. April 12th, 2013 deadline:         









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I'm down, how many are you expecting?

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Last meets anywhere from 20-30. Beauty part is this place can handle a good deal more than that.

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I tried to put a meet together last year but couldn't generate enough interest. Put me down. I'd bring Maddogs, hd650 and lyr.



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I'd have nothing to bring 'cept mine own ears (and some modded 558s, big whup), but I'd be down.

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Marriott has the weekend of 4/27 and 5/4 available in the amphitheater.
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Any idea on the cost for the facility?
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I'm in, and I'll bring some guests.


Also should have HD580/600 Grills/650 cable... Rockhopper M^3 and the Aripower Extreme (modified Singlepower Extreme).  I think I have an old school DAC layin' around too, probably the Denon DA-500.





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Ill cover the cost of the venue.
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^^ Very gracious of you!! I'll be there and will bring one guest. 

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Looking like May 4 is going to be the date.
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It's on my calender. biggrin.gif

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I can come.  I can bring some gear as well.

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I'm in!

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Nice to see so many people jumping on board!!!

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