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Help -- Grado SR80i or ..

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Previously I've owned a Klipsch S4, it was decent, but I found the bass too overwhelming and I had a hard time distinguishing between instruments.

Well I can miss about 100$.


I think it's good to know for you that I will be using them on my way to and from work, at work, and whilst playing some guitar at home.


I think I made up my mind and that I will go for a pair of headphones in stead of IEM's.


The SR80i sound very much like my taste according to reviews, but there are so many choices, and I'm pretty worried about the sound leakage.


I want the headphones to work really well with Rock, Indie, Acoustic, Blues, Funk and even Metal. I also listen to ALOT of slide guitar.


If you need any more information, let me know

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What's your price range? 

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