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Headphones similar to Ps3 headsets

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I've never had a high end headphone in my life, I actually considered Beats until I read reviews.


I want to start out slow, I'm going to buy Sony zx300s and once I have enough money saved up, I'll buy better quality headphones


Anyway, I once owned those Gaming headsets from Sony, the 7.1 surround sound headsets, I was impressed and found myself listening to music rather than gaming, the sound quality was amazing, only thing that bothered me was that I had to use full volume to hear the bass. Another thing the noise cancellation was great and relaxed me.


What's the equivalent to these, in terms of sound, if not better 

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Mad Lust Envys's review will help. Check it out, it is great.



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I mean, I dont want gaming headphones, I bought a good pair and want the protable equivalent, I couldnt plug my headsets into my mp3 players and I dont want to have to listen to music only in my ps3

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Gaming headsets are really gimmicky, and actually don't sound that good if you are used to high-end headphones. If a gaming can blew you away, almost anything we recommend will make your head explode (metaphorically, of course).


To get started, what kind of sound do you want? Do you want a bassy sound signature, a dead-flat reproduction, or perhaps emphasis on the midrange or the highs?


Are you planning to use these out and about, or are you willing to consider open headphones that leak sound in and out? Is your only source going to be an iPod or other MP3 player? Are you willing to buy an amp to power or improve your cans?


What price range are you looking at?


What are some factors that are important to you in a headphone?

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That's good to know, the headsets impressed me, I'm sure any other audiophile headphone will blow my mind


I'm not looking for high end, i will not buy and amp or spend more than 120 dollars on headphones [yet].


I would like headphones with less sound leakage, I dont wanna be a little kid blasting music from speakers but It wont be a problem if theyre open ear for the most part


Noise cancellation would be great, but it might be expensive


I like bass but not tons of it, I once owned Skullcrushers, god they were terrible, the bass was strong, but it was just vibrations and the sound was very cheap,

Anyway, I want a good amount of bass, I listen to some songs with good beats and i want to hear it like it was intended


I also switch to acoustics, I dont know what the term is but i want good quality out of the singer's voice


Overall, if you can find a headphone with all that included with a price tag at just about or under 100 dollars, id be set



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A few options to look at are as follows:


The Sennheiser HD280 Pro is a decent, closed can that is built to survive in a studio or outdoor recording environment for decades. It has a very well-balanced, accurate sound and very good detail retrieval for a headphone at its price. However, its utilitarian looks may not agree with everyone, and because it's very accurate its bass isn't very compelling in terms of volume and impact.


The Sony MDR-V6 is similar to the HD280 Pro, but has been around longer. It doesn't have quite as much detail retrieval as the HD280 Pro, but it's got deeper bass (I personally love the way it portrays drums), which may please you. However, while it uses better materials than the Sennheiser, there's wires going between the headband and the cups that are prone to snapping when dropped and caught on, say, a piece of furniture.


Thinking of less monitor-type headphones, the Koss Pro DJ100 is another good choice. I has a bit more bass impact than the HD280, and a midrange that entrances many who listen to it. You can also sometimes find it in the pro audio section of Best Buy if you want to try it out. The downside to the DJ100 is that it's built pretty cheaply compared to the others, with the plastics being very obvious. However, Koss has a great lifetime warranty program that I've never had problems with.


If you're looking for something bassier still than all of these and with a warmer sound overall, a popular option seems to be the Creative Aurvana Live!. I don't own them, so I won't say too much about them long-term, but on the occasions I'v listened to them they seemed well-priced. They have a sound that compliments acoustic or less-layered music well, but because they're extremely warm-sounding they get congested on heavy rock or electronic songs.

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Thanks for the help, ill look into every one of those

I thought about the v6s but then i saw the v55s which promised thumpier bass, there's no way for me to demo out these headphones so what do you think about them before I buy the v55s?
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Originally Posted by MellonCollie View Post

Thanks for the help, ill look into every one of those
I thought about the v6s but then i saw the v55s which promised thumpier bass, there's no way for me to demo out these headphones so what do you think about them before I buy the v55s?

There's a trade-off to be had. The MDR-V55 is a different beast from the MDR-V6. The V55 will have greater bass presence, but its detail won't be quite as there as with the V6. I think the V6 will be a clearer upgrade over the ZX300, but you'll definitely notice a difference with both. It's down to a personal choice between bass presence and detail, if you're only considering those two.

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Thanks for not ignoring my posts lol

I might end up buying them all, it's too hard to decide but I'll see what I want eventually
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