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FiiO new official website launched and bring more new features and more detail specification to our fans.

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In order to provide better service to all the customers, after two-month’s dedicated efforts, we finally get the chance to bring FiiO new website (www.fiio.com.cn) to say hello to all of you.


The updates reflected in the following four aspects:


Brand-new Corresponding Chinese Website

FiiO has become a famous brand in the industry of portable amplifier and decoder, which possesses the largest market share in the international market. Though FiiO is a 100% “Made in China” brand, we start the promotion in domestic market only from the year of 2012. Therefore, all the way along, our official website has always been English-oriented. With the increasing popularity in domestic market, we finally get the website updated with bilingual edition so as to provide better service to domestic customers as well as enable them to better understand our products.


The most Detailed Specifications in the Industry

So as to help the customers better understand the characteristics of our products, we are trying to provide products’ features and specifications as detailed as possible. All the audio parameters are the testing results on the strength of the most authoritative tester in the industry. In addition, we also enclose some related frequency response diagram of curves. Meanwhile, to enable the customer to choose the most suitable product, we specially offer the horizontal comparisons among the similar products together with some reviews from the third party and HD pictures.



First-class Layout and Visual Effect

For the sake of helping customers to get better scanning tour experience, we applied the international first class layout design to our new website. Layout being concise while gorgeous; visual effect, clear while comfortable; information, orderly while fully-contented; pictures and characters, stress-highlighted while highly-informative. What’s more, in the designing, we also pay much attention to the details as well. In general, the overall effects of the new website get updated fully and tremendously.


More User-friendly and Customer-oriented Function

To protect the rights of the end-users, the new website added the authenticity-checking function. In addition, we updated the information of all the authorized distributors, sales agents and some resellers to bring convenience to customers to buy quality goods from authorized channels and get good after-sales service.

In the mean time, to solve some common questions during the process of the usage, we have listed some FAQs in the Support column with improved category and checking function, which aims to help the end-users to solve the problem in the soonest time.


Since we have just got the website updated, problems may unavoidable exist. Here we warmly welcome all of you to report your corrections and suggestions to us by sending email to twitter@fiio.com.cn. We are always here to listen to your voices to get our website refreshed from the aspects of the effects, functions and contents.

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The site looks nice! 

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Very sweet and simple. I like it! Still a proud owner of the original E10! smily_headphones1.gif

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Looks great. It loads fine in Firefox and is snappy enough for the amount of images/visuals.


Well done. smile.gif

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Kudos on the high amount of useful specs published on the website. Hope other companies will follow your shining example, FiiO :)

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Nice looking & easy to find information.

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I like the new layout :)


I also just emailed - copied below in case you don't get it .....


Just found a small spelling mistake on your website - thought you might like to correct.


It's in an actual image.

96KHz = Date is extracted 96,000 times per second

Should read

96KHz = Data is extracted 96,000 times per second

Also - IMO get rid of the "audio speak" below it .....
"Experiencing high quality acoustics playback lossless music format (96KHz/24 bit) contains details that ordinary CD (44.1 KHz/16 bit) does not embody.  When doing the playback, it requires the device to have corresponding decoding and converting function.  It is obvious that E07K beghaves better than E7 on this aspect"

You'd be far better just saying that the dac/amp has the ability to play hi-res formats up to 24/96.  IMO don't make claims that there are details at 96/24 above ordinary CD (the main difference is in the noise floor).  For playback, it's irrelevant - you can't hear it anyway.  The advantage is being able to play 24/96 files natively if you want - rather than having to resample first.  No need to make audiophool claims about it being better.  A proper abx test will show you the two formats are indistinguishable during playback. 


(Brooko on Head-Fi)

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