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Hey everyone, the Denon/Fostex pads fit onto Beyer DTxx0 and Tesla full size headphones. I just put a pair of D2K pads on my DT770 Premium just after I installed Audio Technica W5000 drivers into them. These are mutt headphones. Haha

The plastic locking ring has to be removed though.
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Previously stated set up:





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Seems very nice

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Interesting, though trying to sift through the entire thread for relevant information would be a bit much. I'd love to get some nice replacements for the perplexing SA5000 pads, which are half pleather, half lambskin. Don't quite get that, but hey.

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The SA5000 pads are about the same as angled Denon pads and MadDog Alpha pads, or something like that the latter are called.  Probably compatible with Audeze pads, too.

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