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What would you recommend? SRH940/HD598/...

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I'm hanging around here for hours and hours but still need your advice for making my final decision in choosing a new pair of headphones.


Some background

My Sennheiser IE8 is defect after nearly one year of using: from the beginning it appeared to me one side sounded slightly weaker, but since the sound of the other side is even dropping out frequently I've decided to use my warranty. The store wasn't able to do anything about it, and it now offers me to choose an alternative headphone from around the same price, at the same store. A great deal!


The Sennheiser IE8 makes me conclude in-ear headphones in general are too unsustainable to me - no matter what price - so I've decided my new headphones to be full-size headphones.


I want the headphones to be optimized for classical music. They must be suitable for public transport. I will mainly use my iPod Classic as music source.


The choice

I mainly doubt between the Sennheiser HD598 and the Shure SRH940. I tend to prefer the SRH940, but one thing is a huge concern to me: the build quality. I've read a lot of reports about these headphones broken. Will the Shure break anyhow to anyone, or is it still a small chance?


One reason I prefer the SRH940 is that it's a closed one. Can someone tell me more about the amount of sound leakage of the HD598? Is it simply rude to use these in trains anyhow, or is the sound leakage only a serious concern while listening metal, trance, hard-rock etcetera?



Besides these two headphones I can choose some other (better looking) headphones, but to me there's a lack of information about some of them, while others seem to be made solely for punchy beats.


Roland RH-300 - Information about these headphones are scarse. Are these a serious competitor?

AIAIAI TMA-1 - Is it just made for electronic music, period, or will it perform great in classical music as well?

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro - ditto


What would you advice me to choose?





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Actually these are both reported to have build quality issues. The hd598 had a problem with the headband cracking often after it was released. I don't know if that was worked out or not as I didn't follow it much after that. But the 598 is very open and would not make a good traveler. 


I haven't heard the Beyer COP but hear good things about it. I have owned several beyer's and the build quality is just wonderful. 


If you want a good traveler and like Sennheiser, consider this:



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Thanks for your reply!


I've disregarded on-ear headphones because I thought they were in any kind worse than full-size headphones, but the amount of laudatory reviews about the Sennheiser HD25 gives a new perspective to my quest.


I'll orientate myself some more on the HD23-13 II, this upgraded version still stays within budget (and is made in Germany).


Thanks again!



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Just to let you know, the HD25-13 is the 600 ohm model and really isn't suitable for use straight out of an iPod.
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