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Hey guys, I just got this set up and I was wondering which gain setting people think I should use for the Q701s. 


The normal one doesn't work even though it's rated for 0-64ohm ( the Q701s are only 62ohm), I have to max out the volume and it's still weak.


The second one is decent, 64-300ohm. I could live with it. 


But the last setting, 300-600ohm is where the sound really seems to expand for me.  But I am worried about busting the drivers.  I also play a lot of games so I figure the explosions might just be too much.  I have to turn the volume down to about 25% on that setting.   I'm not sure if the phones don't just need to break in on the middle setting as well.


So what do you think, can I put it on the high setting and be safe, or should I just stick with the middle and let them come into it?

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