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3.5mm to 3.5mm short cable

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Hi people,

Anyone knows where I can buy or order a custom 3.5mm to 3.5mm short jack cable to connect my FiiO Alpen to my phone?
I'm looking for a shorter cable comparing the one that came with the FiiO, any local (UK) or online stores (worldwide) are ok.

Thanks in advance.
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Fiio from what i've seen are one of the shortest.


You could try making your own, it's quite easy i used neutrik connectors and silver wire.


Length wise it was shorter, but not by much.


Any custom cable would more than likely cost a packet.

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ALO has some shorter - but custom or DIY is probably your best bet.

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Thanks for both answers! I think I'll go for your suggestion and do a DYI cable...
Don't have many skills and more importantly DIY tools but lets see what I can do!
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cables are a good learning exercise. Not much risk or cost at first. 

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