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Latest QLS DAP For Home audio : QLS HI FI QA 660 as transport only

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Hi All Head Fier Friends

I want to Share QLS latest DAP QLS HI FI QA 660 For Home audio , QLS China audio company

was Already excist With their DAP

QLS QA 350 v 1 and QLS QA v2 and QLS QA v2 + are included amp

QA 550 and QA 660 as pure transport

Music .

The new dap QLS HI FI QA 660 can play more music file .

Please read more information below :






Posted on Sunday, 4th November 2012 by Auw Jimmy

It’s been a while since I bought my QLS QA-550. Although I haven’t played much with it, but in overall, I like the quality of the player. Now, the new version has come, the QA-660.
One thing to be noted, this new player is much-much more expensive than its predecessor (well, you can find the retail price yourself). But spec wise, you will find a lot of improvement to. The major improvement is the support of multiple file format, like FLAC, APE, WavPack, and for sure, MP3. I don’t have to mention WAV, right? And the bit depth/sample rate also up to 24/192. This makes it a simple high resolution audio player. The screen also got updated with a massive 2.8″ AMOLED (you will know the reason why if you ever use QA-55o). More gorgeous and expensive remote control also provided.
Enough for the introduction, let the pictures tell us more.

The front panel looks neat with black finish, and you can see some basic navigation buttons.

We have a complete output options, from Coaxial RCA, BNC, XLR AES/EBU, Optical, and IIS via RJ-45 type connector.

Now we can also use our USB Flash Disk instead of SD Card. Quite convenient option.

The remote control and USB SD Card Reader. The remote looks expensive with a good grip (alhough not too heavy), while the SD Card Reader also performs very well in copying large files.

The basic structure inside the QLS QA-660. I would see and expect some performance upgrade by upgrading some components there.

The main transformer has three secondaries, 2x 17VAC and 1x 12VAC.

We can see Vishay capacitor to smooth out the DC signal there.

The output stage of the QLS QA-660. Some transformer also could have benefit from upgrading.

We have two master clock for 44.1 and 48 kHz. QLS claims 1PPM low jitter clock are used there.

One of them is 24.5760 MHz.

The other one is 22.5792 MHz.

The regulator is LT1086. Not just one, we can see few of regulators around, and all are LT1086 from Linear Technology. One of my favorite.

Most of the capacitors are Matsu****a. Not a high grade capacitor, but I believe they could serve the purpose very well. This also could benefit for some upgrade.
Spec wise, this is quite promising. But then I have to find an adequate DAC to match this transport. At least, 24/192 must be supported as some of my collection now started to shift to 24/96 or 192 kHz. Thinking of Buffalo from Twisted Pear, but it seems Mr. Russ White is ‘on holiday forever’ so most of the time I always see ‘out-of-stock’ for his Buffalo kit and no emails ever replied (sorry!). Whether they make it too few, or the demand is too high. Only God knows The other option is to go if complete DAC, like Lavry or Lynx. Will see whatever meet the performance and the value.

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would love to see some reviews on this one.

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Originally Posted by ksama View Post

would love to see some reviews on this one.

Last week I have the chance to hear QLS QA 660 out the box

Source : QLS QA 660 as sd card transport player
iPod touch 4 G + onkyo nds 1000 digital transport

Dac amp : Cambridge audio music streamer
T + A R series music streamer

CD player : aura from April music

Speaker : monitor audio platinum 200

Cable : digital cable we use DIY coax

File music : sd card in WAV music file for QLS QA 660
Flash disk u3 sandisk for Cambridge and T + A music streamer

From these audition we have ranked the sound quality as follow :

Aura CD player > T+A music streamer R series > Cambridge audio music streamer >

QLS QA 660 > onkyo nds 1000 + iPod touch 4

Until today CD player is the best source for sound quality

If you need simple sd card music transport / player , QLS QA 660 is very good.

You can impove the sound quality with upgrade the internal parts , for DIY fan is

Heaven .

You can read review from the link above
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A few months later, hope you still remember set up used for audition. I could not figured out if each of the digital music players units that have its own internal DAC--the QA660 is mistakenly called a "Player" in QLS's website but is only a "Transport," i.e., no-DAC--was used individually, that is, as both Transport (to read disc/file)) and to perform the Digital to Analog conversion using each unit's internal DAC...or if you used  those units only as transports in association with a reference DAC. Also, what specific Aura CD player was used?  


Thanks and regards,



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