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Over Ear Headphones - Under $200

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I'm looking for excellent "audiophile" grade headphones for under $200 (USD). These headphones need to be able to play a variety of music and have that all around effect. I really like to "feel" the music if you know what i mean. (Especially when it comes to some bass)


Music i listen to:


*Post hardcore


*Indie (Acoustic too)


*Dubstep (some)


So a good balance is very important to me and i really need a good quality headphone. I'm currently using Sennheiser HD-202s. I enjoy them but I'd like to upgrade. Please help me and recommend some. Thanks!


(Also my budget is pretty much solid at $200USD or under.)

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Ultrasone HFI 780 (balanced)

Ultrasone HFI 580 (bassy)

Shure SRH840 (neutral; balanced)

Brainwavz HM5 (neutral; balanced)

AKG K167 (bassy)

AudioTechnica A900X (bassy)

AudioTechnica A700X (neutral; balanced)

Beyer DT770 PRO (bassy; balanced)


Beyer DT990 PRO (bassy)

Beyer DT880 PRO (neutral; balanced)

Ultrasone HFI 2400 (bassy; balanced)

Hifiman HE-300 (neutral; balanced)

Sony MA900 (neutral; balanced)

AKG Q701 (neutral; balanced)


Very best,

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