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Are the Shure 940's bassy?

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I am currently searching for what will be my 2nd pair of headphones. I currently have the AKG K242 so I am looking for a bassy closed can to compliment it. I want to know it the 940's are bassy, or ever bassier than the Sony mdr 1r as they are the other cans i am looking at.


thanks in advance

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i think the srh940 is one of the least bassy headphones i know of.

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In a word, no.

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No, they are completely anemic :P

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Go for a DT770 or an Ultrasone instead.
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They actually have very nice sub-bass, it's pretty even keel, though.



If you like bass, try JVC FXD80.

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If you like bass (and treble and detail), try AKG K167 Tiesto.

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Lulz Miow, you gonna go spam the K167 everywhere?

Well I have both the SRH940 and K167.   I'm not ready to throw the SRH940 out just yet.  The lack of bass still doesn't make me dislike the SRH940, because the amount of detail make up for it.  But yeah, if you want detail and bass, looks like the K167 are it, which is cheaper than the SRH940.  I'm not going to say the K167 are "detail monsters" though.

If you want an even cheaper option with tons of bass and decent amount of detail, then check out the K618DJ for $99.



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I tend to disagree with most people here, the 940's have a very present low end, the SS is just more neutral so they don't have slam. Sub bass, definitely there and well extended, mid-bass, I'd look elsewhere.
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